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Need some tips on properly nasty bass sounds


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Ok, first off I'll say all three basslines are different sounds (last one especially so) but the general technique is the same. Here are some general tips.

1. Its worth noting that a lot of dubstep artists are using Massive to make their basslines, not saying its essential but on some tracks (specifically Excision's) you can tell what waveform they're using.

2. Its not likely you're going to get the desired sound completely dry and having some decent effects helps out a lot, especially when it comes to distortion.

3. Frequency band splitting is extremely helpful for these crazy bassline sounds. What I mean is, run the output of your synth through three or four different audio tracks then on each track only let a certain frequency range pass (like lo, lo-mid, mid-hi, hi).

4. A lot of it is in the LFO speed and what all its controlling. Filter is the most obvious choice, but it may not give you the desired sound. If you're using Massive or any other synth with some kind of wavetable control, then try controlling the index. The amplitude and distortion amount are worth trying out as well, but ultimately what you control is going to be determined by experimentation.

5. As mentioned earlier, LFO speed is vital and is often used to give the track more rhythm. Definitely sync it to the tempo and automate it throughout the song, or alternatively tie the sync rate to the velocity of the note hit.

Anyway, hope that helped.

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Considering that someone already made the topic, can someone help me on how to make a bass like the one that drops in at 0:39 here:

It's hard to tell given Youtube's audio quality, but if you listen to the original track, then you can appreciate the full bassline. The link's in the video description.

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After being exposed to a lot of songs like the ones NoWave posted, It's really getting me into the realm of harsh, cold-sounding synth production. Super saw waves just don't sound as thrilling or complex anymore. :lol:

I find that layering slight flanger delays help in pushing the "robotic" sound that some of the basslines have. Vagrance covered everything else to the point- aside from wave shapes, LFO wankery is the biggest influence on the sound.

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