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  1. Specifically, i'm looking for any suggestions on how bass tones on a few tracks i've heard recently could be recreated. Tomba - Choke on Coke Ellie Goulding - Starry eyed (Jakwob remix) (bassline enter at 1:02) Substep Infrabass - dOG These three have good examples of the kind of nastiness I'm looking for.
  2. Gotta agree with you there, I really don't get the appeal. There's yet to be a film that employs it as anything more than a gimmick. It would be really cool if they could actually find a way to incorporate it naturally into the movie, but as it stands it's mostly just a case of film makers throwing in a bunch of shots that don't really add anything of shit flying at the screen. And pointing, lot's of pointing.
  3. Hello God? I'd like to file a bug report.
  4. So, since i've decided to make a permanent return to ocremix, this is what i'm doing musically. http://bergenstmusic.yolasite.com We've got two albums/eps already released along with 6 covers. They're all available for free off the website. Let me know thoughts and opinions, they're always appreciated, and i'll update the thread with new stuffs when it comes out.
  5. I've got to say, I'd left OCR for a little while, just a couple of things getting to me, and some other more important stuff to do. But this album's brought me back. This is some truly stunning work. Props to the responsible parties.
  6. I actually really loved the camera angle's in the first game. Particularly the bit in the intro where you're running down the alleyway past the wheelchair. the above angle that then shakily pans down. that was brilliant, so cinematic.
  7. Congratulations Larry, I only managed to listen to the last season, but I loved listening to it. You did very well. P.S. Thanks for pimping my tunes as well, both NoWave and Vurtflesh. P.P.S. b a d t u n a
  8. I'm definately gonna be calling in for the last show. Get all Scottish/Australian up in your ass.
  9. I might be interested, but I can't guarentee my mix won't be dross. I've got some ideas though. Probably gonna see some industrial up in this.
  10. Larry needs to Ojasm some mp3s over this way.
  11. Yeah so, who was that limey guy you had calling in larry? Cause he roxored my boxors.
  12. http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=1471 Play this mix larry and I will have your babies.
  13. The live version of this from magfest is better. But this is still a killer track.
  14. Theres a song missing on the tracks remixed bit. There a very small amount of the underworld theme during the bass solo.
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