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  1. Specifically, i'm looking for any suggestions on how bass tones on a few tracks i've heard recently could be recreated. Tomba - Choke on Coke Ellie Goulding - Starry eyed (Jakwob remix) (bassline enter at 1:02) Substep Infrabass - dOG These three have good examples of the kind of nastiness I'm looking for.
  2. Gotta agree with you there, I really don't get the appeal. There's yet to be a film that employs it as anything more than a gimmick. It would be really cool if they could actually find a way to incorporate it naturally into the movie, but as it stands it's mostly just a case of film makers throwing in a bunch of shots that don't really add anything of shit flying at the screen. And pointing, lot's of pointing.
  3. Hello God? I'd like to file a bug report.
  4. So, since i've decided to make a permanent return to ocremix, this is what i'm doing musically. http://bergenstmusic.yolasite.com We've got two albums/eps already released along with 6 covers. They're all available for free off the website. Let me know thoughts and opinions, they're always appreciated, and i'll update the thread with new stuffs when it comes out.
  5. I've got to say, I'd left OCR for a little while, just a couple of things getting to me, and some other more important stuff to do. But this album's brought me back. This is some truly stunning work. Props to the responsible parties.
  6. I actually really loved the camera angle's in the first game. Particularly the bit in the intro where you're running down the alleyway past the wheelchair. the above angle that then shakily pans down. that was brilliant, so cinematic.
  7. Congratulations Larry, I only managed to listen to the last season, but I loved listening to it. You did very well. P.S. Thanks for pimping my tunes as well, both NoWave and Vurtflesh. P.P.S. b a d t u n a
  8. I'm definately gonna be calling in for the last show. Get all Scottish/Australian up in your ass.
  9. I might be interested, but I can't guarentee my mix won't be dross. I've got some ideas though. Probably gonna see some industrial up in this.
  10. Larry needs to Ojasm some mp3s over this way.
  11. Yeah so, who was that limey guy you had calling in larry? Cause he roxored my boxors.
  12. http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=1471 Play this mix larry and I will have your babies.
  13. The live version of this from magfest is better. But this is still a killer track.
  14. Theres a song missing on the tracks remixed bit. There a very small amount of the underworld theme during the bass solo.
  15. Oh hey, wow, begging actually worked. *huggles larry*
  16. I'm not sure why CoTMM is so ashamed of this mix. While it may not be up to the caliber of the rest of his tracks, it's certainly not a bad remix. Very Banging.
  17. I'm not a fan of this mix I'm afraid. The distorted guitar really spoiled it for me.
  18. Just... wow. This remix is fantastic, the instruments sound so real! Btw, am I the only person who can hear a heavily back mixed flute playing "Tonight, tonight" from west side story during the quiet part? But never mind all that, lets just sit and be awed by this man...
  19. Alright, try this for a theory. NOTE: I have only played SH1 from the series. I have read enough spoiler's, plot summary's and theories to know the story of 2. I have no idea where 3 fits in. I have always thought that the second game occurs before the first Alright, I'll try and arrange my theory into chronological order. 7 years before the series: The spirit of Samael is put into the body of Alessa. In order to counteract it awakening immediately Dahlia Gillespie set's fire to the hospital, burning Alessa alive. The spirit of Samael splits in two and becomes stuck in Harry's daughter, who was getting born in the hospital. An enemy of the cult (the child's real mother perhaps?) leaves the baby by the roadside for Harry to find. Harry and his wife find and raise the baby, naming her Cheryl. Alessa should die from her wounds but is kept alive but comatose by the half spirit of Samael. Lisa is assigned to care for her. 3 days (estimate) before SH1 Lisa is killed by the cult after trying to leave. Alessa is vaguely aware while comatose and has come to think of Lisa as her friend. She senses the death of Lisa and is awakened into conciousness. As soon as Alessa becomes conscious, she becomes aware of the horrific pain of her wounds. The presence of half of the dark gods powers gives her incredible powers and in the instant of consciousness she rains destruction on the town inhabitants. She spares her Mother and Kaufmann. Her mother was probably portected magically, as for Kaufmann, I have no idea why he was saved. This explains the absence of people in town, the blood and the crack's in the road. At this point all contact to and from Silent Hill is cut. At some point over the next few days. The event's of game 2 take place. These are not the actions of Samael, but rather actions of Alessa. Alessa wants to help people like James who refuse to admit what they have done. She uses the Dark gods power's to invent scenario's when they will admit what has occured. However, because of the evilness of the Dark god's power the scenarios are particularly horrific. The evening before the day of the first game. The neighbouring town recognises that all communications with Silent Hill have been cut. They dispatch Cybil Shephard to investigate. She arrives in Silent Hill marginally before Harry does (this is important) Harry and Cheryl are made to crash by Alessa or Samael manifesting as Alessa (this is hard to tell, I'll explain why) The first game Once Harry and Cheryl arrive at Silent Hill Samael is in control of his power's rather than Alessa, who's spirit is cast into the nightmare world (where harry occasionally sees her) Samael didn't take any action before this point because all he was concerned with was getting his other half back. Once Harry arrived Samael sealed off the exit's (there is an important difference in the way Alessa and Samael use their powers Alessa makes rifts in the ground whereas Samael uses the more Alien concept of walls of nothingness. Cybil arrived a few second before Harry which is how she got in. It's hard to tell who made Harry crashed because it's hard to tell whether Samael was in control when Harry was on the outskirts of town. If he had been then why was Cybil allowed to arrive. I also think that Alessa tries to help Harry throughout the first game, leaving the books open and writing on the walls in the nightmare world. When the game is over Samael is dispatched, Alessa is allowed to die and Cheryl is born again without Samael within her. That's my idea of what went on in the game. CONS: It makes a number of assumptions. 1. That Alessa was a good person and would use her power to help others, as she does in SH2 2. That Samael would allow her to do so while he waited for Harry to arrive. I can't prove either of these, but I believe them. This theory could be disputed when I play or research 3.
  20. I'm looking for a really convincing tape echo effect that's free.
  21. I'm trying to play live using soft synths through fruity loops. I've got everything configured and eqed up the way I want it. Now I've got two questions. Firstly. In fruity loops would I be able to assign two separate MIDI controllers to two different parameters, say one keyboard for leads and noise machine and the other for pads. strings and choirs? Secondly is there some way I could set up a shortcut on the typing keyboard that changes what instrument the controller is controlling at that point, for example, I want to change the lead keyboard from Lead 1 to Lead 2 so I press a on the keyboard.
  22. I love this mix, I noticed that everyone was complaining aboout the sample quality. In my opinion the low quality works perfectly for this mix. It just sounds right. It get the NoWave seal of approval.
  23. (I don't know if this has changed from mine (i'm still on 3 ) The row of box's where you select your playlist, pattern editor, blah blah... There should be one box with the label FX on it. now you should see a window with four boxes in it, on the left there is a series of arrows. Use the arrows to open a drop down menu, from which you can find a whole bunch of FX (including reverb) select the one you want and reverb will be added to your track. If that makes any sense whatsoever congratulations. Now for my 2 questions. How do you get different time signatures and things like that in FL, so far I can only get 44. And how can you import MIDI's into fruity loops to edit them?
  24. I really like this mix, although as I write this I'm only half-way through listening to it for one time. I like the way that you've taken the basic theme, converted it to a bassline and it's all building out of there. I also like the stutter effect on the bass the second time around. Oh! some funky, creepy synths. A bit odd, and occasionally a tad to high pitched but very ATR. Is that synths? What the hell is that? Anyway, it sounds good, very much like ATR at the end, and really slow and moody at the start, sounds like the best kind of electronica.
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