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OCR01219 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Calamitous Judgment'

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Pretty nice - djp

This is a remix of the trial theme from Chrono Trigger for the SNES. On the SPC provided on ocremix.org, the original is titled "Kingdom Trial".

Artist is zircon, and remix title is "Calamitous Judgment". I put quite a lot of time into this and revised it numerous times with the help of the people at the WIP forum, and I'm very happy with the results. The style, you may notice, is influenced by Disco Dan's Triforce Majeure, and I think it's an uncommon style (dance/orchestral) that could use more attention.

Thanks in advance!

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well it isnt 11 minutes, so it's got that over triforce majeure.

the styles are quite similar, and it sounds good.

i'm at 2 minutes and i'm concerned that perhaps you have made the mix climax to early...it already sounds pretty big. Hoping for some dynamic variety.

2:45 there i have it.

it's good all the way through. cant think of a reason not to say


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You have come so far. Excellent work here, any flaws that could be considered would be but nitpicks. It's a solid arrangement, one worthy of our acceptance.

Watch this kid, he'll be a star someday soon.



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As the new guy, I feel obligated to write something a little more fleshed out...but F it. As a guy who's had the fortune to see zirc make SoundTempest work and also develop his skills as a musician through CompoSTs and various mixes, I'm glad this YES was so easy.

I'm so used to "The Trail in Concert" that it's strange hearing someone else arrange "Kingdom Trial" so heavily. The production's pretty nice and the Disco Dan/Triforce Majeure homage is great. Everything here really carries that grandiose level of energy and creativity. To make sure I'll remember it, you get my very first YES. [sniff, sniff] I'm proud of you, bro!

Congradulations, Andy! This one's gonna make your name. Now you've just gotta top it...:wink:


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