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The Help Out Thread: Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill


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Hey guys, the top-kill has failed, the oil is still gushing, and we are only beginning to see a small bit of the damages it will cause. This is a horrible disaster for the Gulf Coast, the wildlife will take many many years to recover, economies will be greatly effected. The cleanup effort will be immense, it will take a long time, and a lot of resources.

So I've taken the liberty of looking up some reputable sources for OCR's community to figure out if there is any way that we can help.

Please no debates in this thread, if you want to debate on your ideals about donating, or bitch about BP, or our government, or anything else, take it to PPR. Those of you who do want to help, let's just do our best to pitch in.


Here's an example of the effects of the spill, already.

So what can we do to help at OCR?

First, inform yourself:

What is going on with BP and their efforts?

BP's website has some up to date information on what they are doing to clean up, and what you need to do if you live in the area, or want to help.

What does the government have to say/do about this?

The EPA has info on standard procedures they are taking to clean up the BP spill.

Obama's official statement regarding the GoM spill, as of May 27th

Watch the Oil Spill Live

How big is the spill? (requires Google Earth)

See some animated effects of the spill

BBC also has some interesting graphics on the spill

More Updates on the Spill

Latest news on the Oil Spill

Exxon vs. BP Oil Spills

What can we do?

Help the International Bird Rescue Research Center

Check out the National Wildlife Federation's efforts

Mobile Bay Keeper needs your help

Donate to the Seabird Sanctuary

Help the Greater New Orleans Foundation's efforts

Donate Hair to clean up the oil?

How to help the Audubon Action Center

This should get us started.

If you have any problems with any of these sites I've posted up, please let me know. If you know of any other ways to help, again, let me know. I'm going camping this weekend, so I may not be back for a couple days, so if any mods want to add anything they find, go for it, just keep it organized for me :>

Let's help out, OCR!

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Hmm.. this thread is a good idea.. I'd already gotten with some of my fellow coworkers.. We put in some calls to the local barbers and salons, they willing signed up to donate hair.. Also planning a bit of a bake sale at work once we finish off the children's week projects. Thanks for posting sites to help direct our efforts.

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