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Metal ReMix - Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms

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Shame no ones replied to this, so I had to register just for it.

Personally, I like it. I only have a few qualms with it:

-intro (0:00-0:10). The drumming pleases me not

I'd also suggest linking into the 1 minute mark more smoothly. It abruptly stops, and after such an awesome rift you created, too! I love that rift, by the way (0:32-0:36). You kept it going nicely.

But yeah, the song needs to segway into the one minute mark more smoothly. It switches up too drastically, IMO. Then again, I know very little about music, so take it with a grain of salt. But I do think this has potential.

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I'm certainly not a metal master so take what i'm saying with a pinch of salt.

One problem might be that you seem to have taken the song quite far away from the original source. In the opening riff you have a kind of variation on the main melody and the accompanying chords have changed as well. The melody does come back almost as it originally was in the middle section but it's kind of not that strong and the lead guitar goes slightly out of time at times, if you don't mind me saying so.

I do like it though.

You could think of having a bit like that end somewhere in the middle where it all comes down to like a piano section where you perhaps go back to the original source a bit more then go back into it!

But yeah, I'm no expert on metal so that's just what I wanted from it, more reference to the original source.

Also its structure seems to kind of be A-B-C-D-E, you could think about repeating some of the sections. Correct me if I'm wrong though!

You might also like to think about putting in like an organ part, i know it might not be that metal, or it may be, but just to fill out the other frequencies and make it sound fuller.

Ah, i've rambled on a bit here. But well done for the ReMix.


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Lead guitar sound is whiny. Rhythm guitar needs its lows cut a bit, they're interfering with the output compression and overall needs longer release/no gate/more reverb. The guitars are interesting, sometimes sounding poorly sequenced, sometimes sounding sloppily played. The silence in the guitar tracks isn't helping. Some reverb on everything (very subtle) could glue things together a bit.

Kick is weak. Drums overall are well sequenced imo, but not all their sounds are up to par. The first snare/tom sound you're using in the intro sounds terrible.

Piano doesn't fit with the rest of the track. Needs to be mixed differently, possibly introduced earlier. Needs to fit in better.

Arrangement is ok, source is there and interpreted quite well. It does sound a bit empty at times. The parts with no source feel a bit superfluous, you could use the piano to bring in some source into those parts.

Overall, it has potential. Nice work.

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Agree with Rozovian about everything. And.. You need to work on guitar sound (rhythm and lead) This mix need some melody or something. It sounds just noisy: no main line, no variations, no.. well to lot of NO. You can try to make more guitars(lead) and use your imagination. Create melody! Metal can be melodic and powerful at same time. More bass on rhythm and bass it self. Drums.. I've got nothing to say. It's NOT drums. But this mix have lot of potential. I think you can do much more better with your skills about this. Sorry for my english(just in case). Make true metal relict of it!! You can do it!

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