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So I changed my mind about remixing...(DKC3 "Rocket Run" remix)


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...so I decided to hunt around here, see what songs I have in the game music collection that I want to remix, and I found Donkey Kong Country 3's "Rocket Run". Decided to give that one a shot first.

I'm taking my time on it, so it took 2 days to have a showable WIP. Note this is still very much in progress. The main part is only half finished, I still have to put 8 bars of original stuff in it.

Any suggestions on what I should do?


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i love the music from DKC. Very groovy tunes for each area and level, very appropriate. they were really just well rounded games, i think a bit ahead of their time. Anyway, great mix. great sound, i like the pallet here, has a good mountainy vibe, and a sense of urgency. key, i think to a mix of this kind. Um, I'll be honest, the beginning is all i recognize. I'm sure it's well syched to the source but to tell you the truth when I played this level last was probably 6 years ago and I was a little too preoccupied with NOT HITTING ANYTHING :banghead: than enjoying the lovely soundtrack.

But I'm very impressed with this.

Suggestions: Um, I like the (bells, i think they were)...go crazy with em. It already sounds great but I think if you went nuts with it, add some reverb to it, add notes, shorten some and bang the crap out of it. I thnk the chaos (within the limits of still making music of course) would do this piece a great service.

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I'm giving a disclaimer on this one too: I'm binging the reviews in the WIP thread, things with the work-in-progress tag in front of them, it's late, and my sanity is waning. All are opinions, sanity not guaranteed, or likely. Some things may be off. Some words may be dyslexically spelled backwards and there may be things in the post that are just plain off. The better the thing I'm listening to is, the more likely I'll come up with something off the wall to complain about. Worst case scenario if it's really good and I have nothing to say about it, I'll just start making stuff up. 'I want some more schmeere in your somoflange, then it'll be epic...' That being said, lets get going.

DKC3 was the one I actually didn't get around to. I got DKC and DKC2: Diddy Kong's Kwest (Quest? Was the title Komically mispelled? Can't remember >.<) Then I went right to DK64 and I'm sure missed all the goodies. Anyway.

Bah! It... It. It ends. It ends and leaves me making this face :cry: just gone. Right as the best part is coming. It was the point I was going 'Oh yeah. Now this..!?'

I like the overall sound of the mix, very full sound without being muddy. Mastering really isn't my thing, but nothing pops out at me as being noticeably off. I'd like a bit more lows to accompany that kick drum, the bass sound you have is good, but the range (I think?) isn't really the right frequency for the kinda punch I'm picturing.

A touch more body on the kick couldn't hurt, it's kinda flat as is. Really depends on the sound you want, but I really picture that fat, heavy driving bass thump.

Volume automatons goes with filter automations like, lamb and tuna fish. I like the builds that you have, but you could stand to draw them all out a bit to add some length to this track. I tend to make all my stuff too short without realizing how short it really is (cause I'm listening to it on loop, over and over. WIPs feel like it's a 6 hour track sometimes)

I tend to dream big on the WIP forums. I wants epic things, so It's a great idea that's 7 seconds long, I get these delusions of grandeur with a 10 minute track with all the trimmings. So, with this, I want stuff. First, 6 minutes, minimum. Cause... It's what I want XD.

Eh, on a serious note, I do have ideas that I think would work well in this. I always like half time breaks, especially with a bell type instrument like you have doing the lead sounds in this, because it sounds good played at 1/2 speed.

Another thing along that line that I like in techno/trance, is a minimalist thing like at 56, where it's just bass and the lead. You can really draw that out in some neat ways; bringing things down to almost nothing but a few notes per measure just to build things up again into a finale/key change/epic end.

The source has some pretty obvious key (or chord) changes that you might be able to latch onto and make something out of. My theory is pretty weak, but I'm just throwing out ideas on this one. Key changes are a love/hate thing for me because I really don't understand them. It 'may' work, it 'may' not. Couldn't tell ya. I do understand every pop hit is 1654 over and over, same chords, different keys. Similar but different enough to be interesting. Just can't tell you what/why/and how. So really. it exists but is in the void of things I don't comprehend. Go on epic quest to make this thing work and understand! Go!

Anyways, hope that helps, I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

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Transition after 1:20 was a bit weak and feels a arbitrary, needs fixing. Overall, this has promise, it's either a source fit for this style or well adapted - I'm too lazy to look up the source atm. Some of the instruments sound a bit too thin, a touch of filtered delays on the higher-range stuff would give them more atmosphere and body, while the lower range needs a bigger, badder kick. I suggest looking up something appropriately big and booming and combine that with what you've got (instead of replacing it).

Has promise. Make awesome.

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  • 2 months later...

OOPS! :banghead::x

I'm sorry you guys, I totally forgot about this post! Anyway...woah....

Yeah, so I since have finished this, and Emunator thought it good enough to be on the bonus disc of the DKC3 album he's doing. So here's the finished version:

Again, I'm sorry about this, I get so scatterbrained sometimes...I swear I'd lose my head if it wasn't on my body...:whatevaa:

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