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OoT Remix - Gerudo Valley

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I want the clap back! Give me the CLAP! lol I like what you've done with the track. I think it really grew from the first post and the effort shows...it's pretty sick :-) .

A couple of the leads sounded a little quiet about halfway through, but it wasn't too big a deal, though the flutters or swells were kinda drowning at about the 2 min mark. they really overtook the lead. Again I'll say production sounds pretty good, and I don't have really anything to say there. I'm sure these other guys will cover anything I missed. I say good job! The outro is way sick! I was in completely! :-)

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Well this is the best version so far. The transition into the bridge was smoother and I love the buildup into the climax of the song. There's only one thing that bothers me and thats when the leads come in at around 1:16, they still seem to be getting a bit lost with the kick and bass overpowering it. I don't think its a volume issue, but more with the compression. I'm not familiar with FL Studio so I can't advise you how to improve that. Mods...we need you. :wink:

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Sorry for the delay. When you're requesting mod review, please provide a link to the source. You can find more info here.

I can tell you're using some stereo separation effects for a wide sound, but I personally disagree with using it on the kick specifically. It's a little distracting, making the kick sound like it's behind and to the left. I'd center it up. Just be careful not to overuse the effect.

There are a few highs that are a bit piercing here. The hats could use a slight drop on the highs.

Things get crowded here as it builds up. It's especially evident when the main theme comes in around 1:30. The guitar is getting squashed and distorted from the other elements. Try cutting some freqs out to give the guitar room to breathe. Happens again around 3:42 - some distortion from overcrowding.

Overall, sounds are pretty good though. Not too much that needs to be fixed production-wise.

On the arrangement side, I'm a bit iffy here. There wasn't a whole lot of the main melody from the orginal track, but the underlying chord connection was clear throughout. I'm gonna ask one of the other mods to chime in here.

Ending felt a bit weak, but I guess that's a matter of taste. Good stuff here dude, I think you're close. Tighten up the production and get some more input on the source usage and I think you're set.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is the final product:


I'm officially labeling it as a Gerudo Valley and Spirit Temple mix.

Here are the sources:

Gerudo Valley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLanWagsaM8

The Spirit Temple: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-jT6T59rYw

This will be submitted to the judges (and hopefully accepted by them) within the week! More "tightening" feedback would be great! Thanks for everyone's help! I was a n00b when I started this thread, and now I feel quite educated! Couldn't have done it without you!



EDIT: lol it looks like I think the judges are going to get to it within a week of submission. I know it will probably take them months and months before they get to mine. So intense!

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Awesome! One small thing. When the main melody starts, it keeps on panning from left and right and then stays on left for the rest of the notes. Shouldn't you continue the panning or move it to the center if you want to keep it this way?

Anyway, great mix and best of luck with the panel.

I somehow feel like I'm in a competition to get a better Gerudo Valley mix out; You're giving me a hard time :)

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lol well the way I have it set up is the one guitar is panned hard left, and the other guitar (with lots of effects and distortion) is panned hard right, so when they play together, it sounds like it's a wide, but centered sound. Does that make sense? Maybe I'll have to tweak it a little if you didn't really get it.

But yeah the race is on! I think both our mixes are fantastic. Perhaps they'll both be accepted. ;)

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love this!

A personal opinion - the melody doesn't come in quickly enough, although I didn't get tired of it, I just expected it to come in quicker. And when it does come in because the first phrase is panned far left it doesn't have as much impact as I wanted it to. Perhaps if you add a synth line that plays this melody centred on top of the guitars it might add impact to the gerudo valley melody.

The synths are really strong when they return at the end though, especially in harmony. And the guitars sound great. Though perhaps they're a little quiet when playing the melody. This may be due to the fact that they are panned.

A possibly solution could be to pan them less extremely, though this is just personal opinion.

Good luck with the mix!

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