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Pursuit - Cornered ( Phoenix Wright: Ace - Attorney


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Pursuit - Cornered is so far my most favorite piece among all PW series , including Miles Edgeworth one. It is just awesome that makes me wanna do something to it. As I am into filmscore,I want to add cinematic feeling to the song.

My first attempt at OST rearrangement, hope you like it.




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Nice, I like the epic approach to the track. Can't say much more about production and so...

Thank you ^^

I love this track in the game, and you've done it justice. Your epic take on it is something I could not have anticipated. Thank you. I look forward to having a version I can download and keep for my private playlist.

I will upload to a downloadable site soon. Thank you for enjoying ^^

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Fun track - we're going for the all-out Hollywood sound here, eh? Neat ;-).

Hmm... I'm not familiar with the source, but I have some comments on the production, anyway.

The drums are really, really cool, but they drown the rest of the sound. They really need to be mixed as not to completely envelop the rest of the sound so much.

The lyrical strings seem to have too much attack on them. Not every note needs to be drawn out - in real life, only the first note of every phrase would be drawn, followed by every other note connecting seamlessly (not including the slight variance due to upstroke/downstroke motion).

The texture strings are a bit mechanical, although I can hear the variation in volume in an effort to make it less so. The piano is glaringly mechanical, though - we need some more dynamic variation and reverb, there.

The texture is a bit static throughout. Be sure to add some variety in the instrument functions from time to time.

Fun track, but be sure to give the production another look. Hope this helps.

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