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Fl 9.5

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has anyone had a chance to take a look at the 9.5 beta? there's some crazy awesome stuff in there, like improved memory management and a bridging mode similar to jBridge that allows you to run stuff in its own process.

i'm particularly pumped about the bridging mode, although i likely won't get it until it's official just so i don't have to worry about corrupting my files in case of a system-wise issue.

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i just bought it thinking 'well, how can it be much worse than kontakt etc', but apparently it eats way more ram than comparable instruments in kontakt, like scarbee's stuff.

i felt reluctant so far to use up half of my ram just for bass duties (i hardly ever settle for just one bass sound), but the bridging thing should make it more bearable.

did they add a more elegant way to change time sigs, btw? did i miss a statement by gol saying he'll never do it? seems to me like a lot of users would like a rework.

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It handles 64 bit plugins well and i was able to use a lot of Kontakt players with heavy sample libraries with lower CPU buffers rates with no crackle. Same deal when exporting, Less/no voices being killed.

However the damn thing is so unstable with 64 bit plugins, at least Kontakt. It's corrupted every project file I've loaded them in. Makes them unable too be opened. Gives a stack overflow error.

However if you stay away from 64 bit plugins. 9.5 works great.

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