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there are definitely issues pacing some sections - not in fighting, but in weaponry. i've been stuck at long range against enemies with only, say, a plasma pistol and an assault rifle, so many times that it wasn't really funny anymore. like, the section where you're shutting down jammers - for all three of them, i wound up getting stuck with terrible weapons for the enemies that i was fighting each time. i'm usually pretty frugal with my bullets, but this was ridiculous.

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I really want to play Co-op Campaign legendary sometime. GT is tragick. Yea, I agree the AR really is useless. I'm glad the magnum is back and is a pretty good balance of the Halo CE and halo 2 pistol. I love the DMR, headshots are fun for all! I just spent about 4 hours getting that "came to hear me beg" achievement, I killed that zealot elite so many damn times on the last level that I leveled up the commendation for killing special enemy classes.

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The new Dailies are out.

Shootin' and Lootin'

Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach 2500 Cr

Office of Not Dying

Complete ONI on Legendary without dying. 1250 Cr

J.H. Death Machine

Kill 20 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher 500 Cr

Heroic Holdout

Kill 50 enemies on Holdout on Heroic in Firefight Matchmaking. 600 Cr

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i've been playing this game for awhile and felt kinda stupid like an uncoordinated 5 year old

and then i realized i needed an hdmi cable so one of my best buy friends got me one for 5 dollars

now i'm good at halo again. i love active camo perk. spent an entire game using that and shotgun. only died once. everyone hated me lol

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