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  1. Thrakk (Empire) on Ebon Hawk Corwall and Eoden (Republic) on Ven Zallow Now if only I could consolidate all of my characters on one server...
  2. Sweet Eru, Bilbo is being played by Arthur Dent. And I don't care how much it means the ending of the Hobbit will be "tainted." I want to see Gandalf and the elves storm Dol Guldur.
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with that... plus WoW can only go down now that they added Magikpandaland.
  4. Bioware is going to release a song a day until the game's release. I'm proud to say that it sounds like a Williams piece even though he may not have composed it. Now if only I could figure out the language of the choral bit at the end.
  5. Am I just too over excited about the upcoming game test? I'm itching to find out who is playing so that I can network.
  6. So I just updated and booted up the game for the first time in six months... and got killed by an enderman. I need to catch up on all the changes.
  7. Alright... you win. The heading itself makes me lol.

  8. So... Warhammer 40K? Although that's what makes it that much better. Diversity (from a certain point of view).
  9. Not to start an argument, but they are classified as an Advanced Persistent Threat by the Secret Service. I know this because I was recently at a conference for economic crime and the subject of many of the presentations was the security of the cyber world. Turns out, there's a lot more that the govt. agencies don't tell the public in order to prevent mass panic. Point is, I hate the government control over the people (yay libertarianism) and yet I am aiming for a job at these agencies. Most of that hate comes from the fact that politicians, once they hit the national (or in my case, state) level, they instantly have their own ulterior motives that they try to jam into the woodwork. Most importantly, though is the fact that Tensei's right. You should all be worrying about this as well, since as the big kid on the block, any changes made to American law will directly and/or indirectly affect your daily lives.
  10. Not too sure about that. I think he'd like the "I now can repress the conservative voice even further..." concept. However, if this passes, then anonymous might actually cross the line into true cyber-terrorism. This would mark the end of the internet era.
  11. At least I won't be the only one... Now the question becomes: Should I play mine as a Tarkin or as a Thrawn?
  12. *Dubstep with melodic intricacies* I now have faith in the future of dubstep. It can evolve. It even sounds more like music and less like someone strapped a heavy bass onto a song. Savant for President.
  13. Personally, I'm a star wars nut so it's just a matter of time, but I'm more disappointed with the fact that this is the last Lucasarts project, seeing as it has been shut down. I would think that they would want to make this their final hurrah, and seeing the quality of Bioware's continued work, this might be a pretty damned playable game. Better than WoW when it comes to story by far. (Biased D&D opinion of WoW not withstanding) I'm pretty sure that they won't screw the pooch on this one.
  14. Might be fatigue setting in... but I am just sensing a TON of sarcasm here... Are people from OCR going to play or not?
  15. Definitely playing the Imperial Agent. Brings back to mind my D&D 3.5 Rogue sneak attack sprees.
  16. With the release of that album, OCR will officially trolled the hell out of the spouses and immediate families of nerds everywhere. I APPROVE!
  17. Damn college campuses and their lack of torrenting... From what was released on the site, I am very happy with the way things are sounding. The chiptune turn that OCR has taken has yet to disappoint. On a side note, I'm rather sad that this album is so good, since Project Chaos was supposed to be my favorite, and yet this one's giving it a run for its money. I'm torn between two loves, the game that I grew up on, or its granddaddy. Defininitely making this the first thing I download once I get home.
  18. At least I'm not the only one. The only modern music I listen to is The Protomen and other well built rock operas, (not that I won't listen to other stuff, it just doesn't catch my interest.) Everything else in my music library is either soundtracks, remixes, Daft Punk, and stuff from 10 to 40 years ago. IMO, the overuse of autotune really ruined the creative process for music.
  19. That happened for me with the remixinator... all the songs I want without the hassle of waiting for the two-three months of arranging time. Whatever happened to that thing, anyways?
  20. *Braces for flak* This might be a sign of the apocalypse... my computer might overload from the amount of torrenting I'd have to do on break... Why would you put them all out in one year?!? And theyre not all great soundtracks...
  21. Holy Crap... According to the map my abandonded mine is still intact on the exterior... I'd have thought someone would have built another giant phallus somewhere in its vicinity, but no.
  22. Honestly, I'm just interested to see what they would do with a 3D Figaro Castle, but the gameplay for both FF6 and FF7 were strong enough for me to enjoy it as it is. Maybe a remake of Tactics, with an upgraded battle engine, might be nice.
  23. I'm going to go out on a limb and state what I see as the big difference between our "younger gamers" and our "old fogeys." (so I'm old now?) The older gamers have one quality that should have developed playing games. Patience. If it wasn't for the "3 lives and then start over from the beginning" gameplay of the older gens, then I'm sure many of us would have grown accostomed to the modern day "restart at the last checkpoint, 10 yards behind you" Linear gameplay is not bad inherently either, if you want to say that SMB 3 was linear. It's just that Halo managed to turn many gamers into what you see online: dumb gunslingers that have no idea what it's like on an actual battlefield. When I played AC Brotherhood for the first time, I crushed everybody else. Why? Because all of the other gamers made mistakes like running to catch up with their camoflage, moving erraticly, and most importantly, heading directly for me. In a game about stealth and subtlety, most players go straight towards their objective. I learned not to do that from MGS1. Also, I have sworn to never play multiplayer in any FPS with people on my floor. Every single one goes and shoots the first thing that they see. No cover, no stealth. Run, Run. Bang, Bang. They think that they deserve a cookie. So in my mind, the difference lies in being able to use my patience that I've gained wisely, whether it means wait, suffer through a tough game, or even just get myself in a more tactically usable position. (And entirely off-topic: camping is real war) So thank you Contra, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World. You have made me better.
  24. My story is especially strange. I'm 18, and when all my friends were playing with N64s I was stuck with an SNES and a SEGA Genesis. Thanks to my parents who were complete game-aphobes, I never managed to get a system more advanced than that. So fast forward to now: a college freshman, who is the only person on the floor to have more than one emulator on his computer. A majority of my hallmates are "lax-bros" where all they play is COD and Halo. To them, the only fun experience on a video game is a win, and trust me, if they are ever on the losing end of a fight, the entire floor is aware of it. Heck, I even play COD with them, but what they don't get is the concept of not being seen. Every player I know has a tendency to go guns blazing into a fray, and nobody plays these games with any strategy. Only one other person on my floor has played DKC2, but instead favors the N64 games. It's like I'm the last of a dying breed: younger guys who happen to think that the golden age of video games has passed. I have yet to meet anyone of my age that feels that Link to the Past was a greater accomplishment than Ocarina of Time. I look at these people today and think that the way of video games has changed, not necessarily for the worst, but changed nonetheless. More importantly, I wonder what would be the outcome if my older brother, who I inherited the games from, and my sister-in-law were to have a child. Both are avid RPG gamers, who have a history of old-school gaming. A 2nd generation gamer. Would the world be ready for a 2nd generation gamer?
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