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wip Project R - Excuuuuse Me Princess (Zelda Cartoon)

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A collaboration - hope y'all enjoy.

Woke up to this one, made my day. :grin:

Cool eerie soundscape, nice use of effects and great work on percussions/drums.

A little short/ wip-ish but if it's meant to be looped, that's allright.

Kudos to you and Psykon.

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Hey, great work.

Does the latest one (A Beat) contain no samples?

you're maintaining great quality and sweet sounds as usual.

P.S. Could you suggest any MCs for a FFIX garage track? PM if so. :)

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. 4 Rmixes. One good time - Hope y'enjoy.

Wasn't familiar with some of the source material but holy crab man: your music is getting more amazing every week. 8-O

By now you've got the right balance between power, dynamism and flow down to a science.

Sharp-as-razor sampling technique, skillful use of vocals and effects such as glitches, phase, scratches, pan, etc.

Really enjoyed the heck out of these four mixes, especially the guyver one, which reminded me of your SFIII Empty Street remix.

Now, as usual I should tell you to stop fooling around and get an album out already.

But I'm beginning to understand that Project R might be something even bigger than that.

So if you ever wanna collab or need a touch of ethnic music in there, hit me up bro. ;)

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Thanks for doing my favorite Daft Punk song justice. Quickmix yes, but full of nostalgia goodness. ;)
Masashi Hamauzu is among my VGM heroes, and this track sounds like it could have been made by the man himself.

The Lucretia reference also reminded me of Dirge of Cerberus, which is equally atmospheric and some of Hamauzu's best work imho.

Now that I think about it, I'm also reminded of Nobuo Uematsu's A Secret Sleeping Deep in the Sea from FFVII.

Anyway, it's very cool to see you explore new horizons with the same level of success as your regular stuff.

Great work and I really hope you'll score some games in the future bro. :)

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