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OCR02173 - *YES* BlazBlue 'Tao Is Taokaka'


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* Your ReMixer name: 3R2

* Your real name: Kevin Shih

* Your website: 3r2.deviantart.com

* Your userID: 30907

* Name of game(s) arranged: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

* Name of individual song(s) arranged: Catus Carnival

* Original Composer: Daisuke Ishiwatari

* Game System: Arcade

* Original Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVypfVkSH-s

* Song Title: Tao is Taokaka

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yar, that is some mechanical piano to start things out, but I realize it's part of the style of the remix genre. Still stands out to me, but it is what it is.

The arrangement is pretty effective, and the production seems pretty solid, but beyond the genre adaption, and the keychange, there really isn't a ton of expansion to this. Near there end, there seems to be a bit, which is cool, but overall things are played pretty straight.

It's a fun track, and though the is very borderline on arrangement, there is interpretation and it's pretty solidly handled. No idea how this vote will end up, but i'm cool with the track passing.


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Fun source - the way it combines multiple genres and instruments and vamped on its own chord progression made it sound like a remix to me. I'd say your remix of it is a lot more straightforward, which is neither good or bad in and of itself.

Good production and dynamic contrasts between sections, I liked the flow. But it was hard to call this song more than pleasant beyond that. Once you've kicked the song into high gear, it's completely unvarying from the original. Follows the melody and structure until the section that drops the melody (which sounds like a copy/paste of the first "chorus" minus the melody), with only some minor new background writing. Then a key change which doesn't change the patterns at all and a callback to the intro. Given how drastic the genre change was, the song was personalized and thought out, but it didn't seem like much effort was put into this after the first chorus.

May change my mind on this based on other votes, but I'm willing to call this a borderline YES. It was enjoyable if not that creative or varied. There's a lot of ways to improve this and put it over-the-top.

YES (borderline)

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Not much to say that's different. The mechanical piano is instantly noticeable; I'd say it's fairly detracting, but not a deal-breaker. After things get started the whole song stays pretty much on source but with the genre change. It's a fun listen, and the production is good, but I'd have liked to see more adaptions.

The vote sounds negative, but honestly it's very obvious the work that went into this, and the genre adaption is very nice. I'm going to have to throw the borderline YES on this as the others did, and I wish you luck with the rest of the vote.

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Man I love BlazBlue music.

Wow this sounds like something out of a Sonic Adventure game, like Twinkle Park or something.

Piano is kind of mechanical, but it's not so bad that it kills the mix. Pretty straightforward genre-adaptation, but it's got a good sound and decent development. Nice key change. xD

I like it! YES

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