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OCR02175 - *YES* OutRun (SMS) 'Passing Breeze (Latin Jazz Samba 2010 Edition)'


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Juan Rosario



'Passing Breeze (Latin Jazz Samba 2010 Edition)'

This Version Chords Are Based From The Sega Master System Instead Of The Original Which Begins on A Chord This One Is On E Chord (by the way i don't read music i did it by ear)

Comments : Hi Guys @ Overclocked Remix

I Finally! Fiiinaaalllyyy!! Got The Opportunity To Make My First Arrange Video Game Music For OC

Had this concept in my mind for years since 1999, few years ago got my own recording studio and by the year 2006 i found about the OC Page and couldn't believe that a page focusing on arranging video game music really existed, not to mention that I'm a member since 2007 I've been waiting patiently for the time to make and arrangement of a song and it's so hard when you have lots of duties like supporting your family, etc . . . . got my drift?

Well on this arrangement took me a month to make the 60+ tracks and i decided to make it Latin Jazz Version since i played the game on arcade and on the Sega master system it inspired me to one day make the arrangement of the song and this is the day,the intro i did some samples from BBC Sound Effects Library,Brazilian Singing from Bom Dia Brazil and the small tune from Passing Breeze Sega Master Version also i added a treat for all fans who knows Shinobi Arcade. I used the Trilian Bass Modile VST Making a solo melody on Stage 4 the time is 5:01 and following with the Stage Complete on time 5:21 I customize the drums using Superior Drummer, used some sounds from my Roland Fantom-S,XP-80 the XV-5080 Module.

Just crossing my fingers for the song to be accepted


Juan Rosario (DJ-AKX)


LT Edit: The specific version this is based off of (Sega Master System): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffppQY6EviE

Arcade version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN29mw-ZNAE

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Wow, this is a very nice arrangement! The intro was a little strange at first, but once the song kicked in, it was really working for me, excellent rhythms on the percussion, and everything else was classy and tasteful.

The panning was strong, and the samples were all very nice. The solos were great, and later on, even a bass solo!

The arrangement is definitely extended, but there is a lot going on, good variation, lots of source references despite a ton of solos, and it sounds great.


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffppQY6EviE - "Passing Breeze"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M2b2sPSlN8 - Stage 4 (Shinobi [arcade])

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKioo26jA_4 - "Magical Sound Shower"

The fadeout of the druming/chanting SFX was a little too sudden at :29. Just a small detail. For the purposes of source usage, the intro doesn't count as part of the song, so I'm considering the track 8:15 long, not that the arrangement ended up being in question.

I'm almost convinced the other gems on the OutRun soundtrack will never get covered (I pray for something new on VROOM). That said, "Passing Breeze" is my clear favorite on the soundtrack, so I understand why it gets this love.

This is an example of doing a good job holding to the structure of the source and giving it your own personalization, and it works nicely. Nice soloing over the bassline progression at 2:31 & 3:32, though the bass was a bit quiet to hear. The brass & piano samples weren't the most realistic, but everything still sounded fairly realistically sequenced and humanized. The bass soloing in that section was solid as well.

Oh man, when Dave posts this, he's gonna start smiling as soon as the bass hits that Shinobi cameo at 5:00. I was grinning like a cat, that is some classic Sega stuffs! Awesome!

Oooh, "Magical Sound Shower" cameo at 5:37, followed by some very liberal arrangement of "Passing Breeze" on top of the MSS progression. Man, even that lae in the game, just more and more twists and turns, completely justifying the length of the track. Just more and more ear candy to enjoy. Again, even though the instrumentation wasn't the real thing, and lacked some sonic depth as a result, the overall execution was strong and enjoyable to listen to.

On the negative side, the key change at 7:18 was sloppy sounding and not as smooth as it should have been, and the melody at 7:35 felt like the notes were a bit off as well. 7:41 proceeded to get the song refocused and in proper key for the finish.

The fadeout was admittedly a copout, and that's speaking as someone who doesn't inherently have a problem with fadeouts. That said, a minor thing in the big picture. Nice work, Juan! Whenever time permits, we'd love for you to submit something again!


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Not much to add to the detailed votes of the gentlemen above. The arrangement is fantastic, and passes by very quickly for an 8+min arrangement. The only drawback I'm hearing is the instruments not being the most realistic, but compared to the arrangement they still hold their weight pretty well. Very impressive.


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Awesome stuff, this was enjoyable start to finish. I love the little flourishes: a piano twinkle here, a conga fill there; this must have taken forever to sequence. The instrument quality is a weakness, the brass especially. That brass never sounds as punchy as it should, but it usually gets layered with drums, piano, and your lead - it's acceptable. I think it weren't for the detailed sequencing, I wouldn't be passing this, but that plus the incredible writing and solid mixing/FX made up for the sample deficiencies.


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