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Newb looking for newb to share in newbiness with the intention of graduating from said newbiness


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I've got a lot of experience in music, but not so much in remixing, arranging, or DAWs. I'm sure a lot of us are in the same boat.

I'm looking for anyone who is sort of in a similar position that I am to take the journey with me and try to climb this endless god damn learning curve. Among us, we probably have the knowledge to make something quality, the tricks that the other would lack to really form the sound we're looking for, and the theoretical knowledge to answer questions the other might have. Alone, we're probably just spinning our wheels a lot of the time.

If anyone is interested in doing a "DAW retard" collab just for fun and self-education, let me know! We'll decide on a song and style whenever we form our pooper-group.

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I'll tag along. I'm not sure if combining newbs will necessarily catapult said newbs out of newbery faster. It probably just multiplies and breeds until you end up collabing on 'hardcore psytrance' and 'aggressive ambient' music exclusively.

Basically, it's like dividing by zero.

But yeah I'm totally in.

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Great! I'm glad there's interest. I'm not expecting miracles. I'm not expecting to get posted. I'm positive we'll make something that will make us proud, at least in some way. Either we'll learn a lot and make something shitty, or we'll learn a lot and make something not quite as shitty as we'd expected. Either way, I think we win, even if we do divide by zero and end up with a musical stillborn.

OK, wow, so what's step 2?

I guess we need to figure out how to coordinate communication between us the most convenient way possible. I have a few ideas. A mIRC channel? Scheduled skype conferences? How do people do these internet collabs anyway?

Deciding on a song and style and the division of labor should follow us deciding on a quick way to communicate.

edit: I'm also not wanting to impose any limits on the size or scope of the collab effort. It could be an album effort (unoffical, of course), different takes on the same single source, several people working on one track, etc. I suppose we'll just see how much interest there is, how capable we are, and where it takes us. I'm excited :)

If this newb + ... + newb system works well for learning, I think the learning process could be expedited with a newb + expert + ... + newb system. Exploring that avenue is a bit of a ways off the path we're on now, though...

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Not to take over the thread, but a couple of things I've learned that you might not have to learn the hard way:

- Know what you want from your collab partner(s). Everything is easier if you both use the same DAW and plugins. Otherwise, I would suggest sticking to asking for specific instrument renditions or arranging different sections of the mix.

A soon to be revealed collab with Willrock went ok despite some minor disagreements about the sound of the lead. Biggest disagreement was about the name, so I guess that's pretty successful. A collab with HoboKa didn't turn out quite that well. It didn't turn out at all, actually. We didn't think it through first.

- Remixing the same track more than once helps you learn it and forces you to approach it differently.

I approve of the idea. I could have contributed another track to Hurry! I could remix any of the sources I've remixed before again, quickly and effectively, and come up with something new. The Wingless' three takes on Red Brinstar are all great. The stuff that came out of GRMRB, and the stuff that'll come out of GMRB will be great... Lots based on the same sources.

- It's easier to make friends your own age. And by age I don't mean age, I mean level of skill/fail/awesomeness.

Dunno about others, but I find it a lot easier to relate to ppl on my skill level. It's not easy to explain compression to a total newb, and I have no idea how Usa can tell different reverbs apart just like that. While it's rarely a bad idea to pick the brain of someone better than you, and almost always cool to help out ppl who don't know as much as you do about this stuff, you still have an easier time dealing with ppl on your own level. And by your level, I mean approximately your amount of theory+daw+instrument skill. Even if they don't have a problem with parallel fifths they can still make cool music, GARIO. ;)

Also, have fun, guys. Learn lots, but make sure to have fun. :D Actually this is a point...

- Have fun.

It's important. :D

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No, I'd really like to have you along, Modus. I don't really care where you stand. I've been a musician for twelve years, since I was 9, but only by hobby. I know a fair amount of theory, I can play piano very well, and I used to be a scary guitar shredder. That said, I know shit-all about DAWs. I listened to some of your remixes in your sig, and you're ahead of me in terms of using DAWs, or so it seems. We've both got strengths it seems where the other has weaknesses. Sounds like a recipe for growth, if you ask me...

Thanks for the input, Rozovian. I've never really done this before, so any advice is much appreciated.

Oh, and skype ID: Ectogemia

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True enough, I guess I just let Rozov's post scare me :P But yeah, I'm a quick technical learner and found FL Studio very easy to work around. Your musical experience would probably help even out that void in theory/musicality.

EDIT: Main DAW is FL 9, and I also use Reason. My new mic came with Sonar LE, but I just recently downloaded some tutorials on it. As for plugins, I have Nexus (with some of the add-on packs), Vanguard, Kontakt (having some quality issues for some reason), and Alchemy (with Planet Earth, Dance/Trance, and Electronic)

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I'm using FLStudio exclusively, and I don't have much experience with it, but I'm making some big strides every day.

I also don't have any commercial samples or VSTs, so that may hinder the process. I'm not averse to buying any if they go on sale, though.

I added both of you on skype. Now talk to me, and stuff.

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