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OCR02188 - *YES* Final Fantasy 11 Online 'A Cinematic Heaven'

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Contact Info

Remixer: Souliarc

Real Name: Travis Petty

User I.D.: 11124

Submission Info

Arranged Game: Final Fantasy XI

Arranged Song: "Heaven's Tower"

Composer: Naoshi Mizuta

Greetings. I've been a long time member here and have had the inspiration for

several years to submit a ReMix (like many others), but it was only until now

that I've finally finished my piece. Me and her have been through a lot

together (giving a song a gender, weird?), but ultimately I saw through to it's

completion, through thick and thin.

This original theme can be a real repetitive one but it also has a relaxing,

epic, and ethereal feel to it that I wanted to tap into. It was real hard to

(given the monotonous nature of the original) give the song much length but

ultimately I think my arrangement represents a hefty amount of interpretation.

With it's distinct parts, it almost has a "cinematic" feel, like being used for

a trailer or such.

Thanks people!

Original Song Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6Q3GMCPJQM

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This really expands on the original in such a huge way that I had to check several times to make sure there was enough source in there, and it seemed to check out.

The sequencing was pretty strong throughout, and the super-repetitive bell part that was in the source was hinted at, but not copied, which i think was the right choice. The texture is much richer in the ReMix, and while it retains the distinct feel of the source, it really takes it to the next level.

Production was strong and clear, and the dynamics were varied and interesting. The percussion and harp specifically were highlights for me, but the strings also worked very well.

Very strong expansion. Nice work.


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This is a great mix to listen to. The arrangement is very strong, and as Andrew mentioned, there were times where the source is hinted at but overused. I am worried that the connection to the source might be a little low for some of the judges' tastes, but I had no issue with it personally.

Production is strong, and there is good use of balance and dynamics throughout. I could see this being used in a trailer, just like you said.


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Right from the beginning, I was enjoying the soundscape. You definitely got some good mileage out of the source, Travis. Great personalization of it, employing a lot of smart, sophisticated variations. I thought the soundscape was a bit murky, but the parts were still pretty distinguishable and everything sounded on point. Not much to add to it other than great job, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more. Definitely on my radar now.


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The expansive approach worked well here. It did feel a little loose at times, but that bell melody is modified again and again with generally good results, and that main flute melody is hinted at a few times too to keep things grounded. I agree that things did occasionally get a little murky, like 1:33-1:43 or so, but even then everything's still audible. Overall the sequencing and production are good. Arrange more stuff and send them our way!


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