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OCR02246 - *YES* Final Fantasy 6 'Heaven Awaits'


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ReMixer Name: Neblix

Name: Nabeel

Website (under construction): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Neblix/112865048731989

Userid: 24123

Game: Final Fantasy 4 (and up)

Song: The Prelude

Remix Title: Heaven Awaits

Hey guys. This is my dance remix of the Prelude.

Usually, I never go past 30 seconds on remix, but I dunno what happened with this one. This is the longest, fastest, and best piece of work I've ever made. (it took 2 days)

This mix started with me playing with the new Harmless synthesizer by Image-Line. The sound I made from scratch was originally a pad, but then I turned it into an arp synth when I got an idea for the prelude.

It just went on from there. Enjoy!

At the time of this submission, I'm 14, but I'll most likely be 15 if and when this gets posted.

Synths used:

Sytrus (Thanks to Shariq for buying it for the both of us)

Zebra2 (Thanks to Zircon for making tutorials about it)

Harmless (Thanks to Shariq for buying it for the both of us)


Other stuff:

Kontakt 4 Player

Kore Player

Harp soundfont

Various electro precussion samples

FL drum loop with compression, distortion, etc.


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This one is borderline because it's such a recognizable source, and seriously, i've been back and forth on this vote so many times, it pretty much changes every time i've listened to the track, and i've listened 8 times now. There's good production, and some sections of inspired interpretation, but as a whole, based on the length, I felt it was pretty similar to the original. I think if the length was shaved down a little, this would be so passable. I loved the new chord progression in the middle of the track and all the variation, as well as all the different sections keeping it fresh sounding. I think the source's biggest strength is this track's weakness, and that is the constant arp.

Either way, this is super close, but It has just barely enough for me to tap it over to a Yes

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I can see why Andrew had a tough time with this. The closer I listen to it, the more I feel like this is deceptively conservative sounding. There's a lot going on that you don't notice the first or second (or more) times though, which leads you to want to make a decision early. Overall the production is good, so there are no issues there.

When it comes down to it, I am inclined to vote yes on this because of how often I was able to find some new and interesting things done to the track. I can see this going either way, good luck with the rest of the votes. YES

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Yeah there are quite a lot of layers here, but some of them are quite hard to hear first time around like the other dudes are saying. Agreed on the 'deceptively conservative sounding' point. Lot's of continually changing textures and harmony. Production is generally pretty strong, not very adventurous but definitely functional.

The prelude is something that's been done so many times you need some kind of original approach to get away with it these days. You've got some original sections and progressions that fit well; it almost reminds me of the FFX version in places.

I think the biggest weak point is that you didn't transition properly into the later section and just left a gap. I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, but arguably comes off a bit lazy. On balance though I'm happy to pass this. I'm sure you'll be progressing with your style and sound quickly, keep putting the work in.


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I didn't have the same qualms that the other judges had, though I guess I understand their rationale. I heard a lot that differentiated this from the original(s), many new written parts and harmonies, changed chords, and a lot of ebb and flow. I really enjoyed it and this was a huge step-up in improvement for the younger Sword. The only two weak parts to me were the total stop in the middle, and the ending. Apart from those, I thought this was fine work, and the gorgeous meat of the track more than covered for those weak spots.


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Nabeel definitely picked a very strong source tune in the Prelude where he didn't really need to alter the structure, leaving him a lot of room to go for personalization while sparing melodic interpretation.

Funny to hear that bread-and-butter FL Studio warble fade in around :25. When things picked up around 1:00, the soundscape definitely sounded too cluttered/compressed, so the dropoff at 1:14 was very welcome. Things picked back up at 1:45 and sounded crowded again. At 2:40, the dance beats added in there sounded rather flimsy, and the countermelodic synth stuff seemed really aimless, capped off by a really awkward clubby lead from 2:54-3:08. It wasn't a dealbreaker, but sounded thematically out of place with the overall major key sound of the arrangement.

After 3 minutes, I'm definitely sure of this sounding very lo-fi and distant despite the bitrate; this really needed to sound cleaner and brighter, and I'm not sure why you got so many props for the production, when it could stand another degree of polish. No hate, it's fairly solid and not noob-level, but it's definitely not near A-grade. The changeup at 3:36 was definitely a good move though, and I wasn't bothered by the pause.

Not a fan of the awkward clubby stuff AGAIN from 4:50 for the fadeout finish, which abruptly just went to I guess a minor key deal with only a few seconds left, and pretty much no resolution. Just a weird finish. On the arrangement side, this was relatively conservative, but expanded and personalized sufficiently, JUST enough where this was just above the line even factoring in the production choices that bugged me a lot.

What's funny is that when I'm just thinking about what I heard, but not listening to it, I'm gravitating towards a borderline NO, but when I actually go through and listen again, it's solid enough and substantive enough where I think it merits a weak pass. It's rough around the edges, and working with this specific source definitely made the melodic component a lot easier, but it gets'r done by hook and crook.

YES (borderline)

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