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does this happen to you?

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Ok so at first I have an sick idea, I played it live on the keyboard, BUT I decide to record I forget what I wanted to do :(

Is there any I can prevent things like this, maybe recording my thoughts?

Record you playing live. It's the best I can do, since I don't even own a keyboard. All mouse.

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hahaha messing around until it sounds less awful sounds like musical equivalent of natural selection maybe after 4billion years you will be left with a good piece :P and i agree its when your at your most bored at work etc when u get the ideas u want to use, generlly i find that if you got a tune in your head, try putting it to drums beats or chords or whatever you can imagine easiest, im a pianist so i generally try to backdrop it to different chord progressions, might seem like you got more to remember that way, but the brain doesnt work like that, it works in association, if you can associate the melody with a rhythm,harmony or even a particular instrumentation your more likely to remember it, assuming you dont have some sort of recording tool handy lol

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I do this alot myself. It always seems that time ideas flow the easiest are when I am driving, working, or really really tired. Whenever studio time comes around and I actually sit down to work on what I wanted to do i get... nothing.

Since I can't use a recorder I try to associate the idea with something a little more recognizable which could be anything. A song, a lamp shade, a pencil, anything. The other day I kept an idea in my head throughout the day by visualizing a set of three blue blocks from columns. A game I played way too much back in the day.

That way throughout the day I can keep the idea on my mind at whatever random times I see, think, or hear the item I associated the idea with. Then, by the time I get home I have at least a bit more of a chance of getting it out.

Not the best way of doing it but if you have limited resources and time its doable with some practice.

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