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OCR02320 - *YES* Deflektor 'Cover Your Light'


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Hey OCReMix,

we're a German hard rock / glam rock band and we remixed the theme of multi-platform puzzle game Deflektor, huzzah! Here's the details:

Submission Title:

Deflektor (Cover Your Light)

Your ReMixer name / band name:

-> Zero Division

Your email address:

Your website:

-> http://www.zero-division.com

Name of game(s) arranged:

-> Deflektor

Name of individual song(s) arranged:

->Theme (I think there's only this one song on the soundtrack)

The game's profile:

-> http://ocremix.org/game/107/deflektor-c64 (Ben Daglish / C64 [among others] / 1988)

Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

-> The song was recorded at home in our singer's home studio. Drums are sampled, the rest (guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals of course) is recorded. And the song is really fun to play live :D

We're utilizing Creative Commons sound effects by users HardPCM, mapleleaf, dobroide, mattwasser, digifishmusic, Blackstrobe, Heigh_hoo and Trinity101 of freesound.org.

And here's the song:

Hope you enjoy it :)!

See you,

Rufus Blake // Zero Division

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Haha I love this so much. The 80's arcade/mall ambience, a great source that really fits the style well, and a solid performances all around. The mix wasn't amazing, and i think the guitars could have come up slightly, but the rest was awesome, with solid vocals and great harmonies. The lyrics were fun and great for singing along.

I was totally expecting a shredding solo and then it went into the breakdown, nice changeup! Then dual leads into the solo. Super great. :-)

It sounds like the volume could be brought up slightly, and the fadeout is sloppy, but those are minor issues, and when you rock this hard, something needs to die in the name of rock and roll.

If I was an 80's chick, i'd totally throw my panties onstage to this.

Hell Yes \m/

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This is very awesome. Love all the different elements you have, like the arcade atmosphere, the harmonies, lyrics, etc. This is so 80's it hurts, but oh is it so good.

I agree with Andrew that the overall volume could be up a pinch, and the guitars themselves could be a little louder as well. The ending is a little strange, because of how sudden it is in the music, and then how sudden it is with the background.

Regardless, awesome work.


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I am so up for C64 glam rock right now. Let me grab my mullet wig.

The intro is pretty long, but the bassline adds some source usage in there. 0:42 oh yes, here we go. The volume could be brought up a bit, since it's a little soft, but not too bad. The guitars and synth are a bit buried in the chorus; I'm still rocking out to this, but not as much as I'd like to be. WHOOAA-OH

Okay, you faked me out at 2:41. And there's the solo, finally. With the buildup to it, I was hoping it would be a little bit longer. Good job starting with the source in it before switching to original material. Alright, bringing things home. Nice accompaniment drop at 3:37. Pretty abrupt ending there, both when the vocals end and then when the ambient arcade noises just drop out without a fade or anything.

Pretty good work!


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Hahaha! Awesome!

Agreed with the criticism that the bassline providing more of the Deflektor tune usage should have been bumped up. That said, it wasn't a huge deal. The main snare pattern also could have used a little more creativity, but the rim hits during the arcade SFX and some of the drum fills at least spiced things up. The mixing could have tweaked to have a cleaner, better separated sound, but it wasn't a big deal. Too bad the ending cuts out, but since it was right after the Nintendo pause sound, it didn't feel totally wrong.

In any case, solid performances, fun lyrics, great energy and much needed C64 love around here. We definitely need more of this gold, and I hope Zero Division submits more stuff, that's for sure.


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