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Legend of Zelda: Overworld mix


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Okay, WIP forum prowlers, I know I have an active thread already for my Super Mario 64 File Select remix, but in a spurt of creativity this evening, I ended up with something really cool, and I wanted you all to hear it and tell me what you think.

It's a remix of the Legend of Zelda Overworld theme (like THAT'S never been done before.)

You can find the source I used here:

Additionally (and most importantly for this post) you can find my new WIP mix of this song here:


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Interesting choice in meter - 3/4 for a 4/4 track. Neat.

The orchestration, while not terrible, does seem a little bland. Strings are backing the brass. Orchestration, in order for it to really shine, needs some variety thrown in there. Don't be afraid of the strings taking over the theme, or for woodwinds to do some of the background work, etc.

The samples are... well, not all that great. You can work around that problem considerably, though, if you change the attack value of the instruments so they don't always either fade in or strike suddenly, and if you vary the dynamics with the phrasing better. For some reason, I really like the cymbals, though :-).

The short track loops quite well. Are you planning on extending this track, or is it going to be awesomely loopable?

Yeah, overused source, overused style, blah blah. I'd rather judge the track on it's own merit, and so far it's pretty neat with the rhythmic shift from the original and pretty orchestra. The sounds you have could certainly use some work, but hey - a lot of people deal with this problem differently. Finding better samples (or buying them) is one solution. Adding 'human' variation is another solution. Taking what makes a sound less 'real' and fixing it (as I suggested) is yet another solution. Good luck with this track. It's fun, but it potentially could be a really neat track.

Also, I gotta give a fellow WIP poster some track love, you know?

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. At this point, I just wanted to be sure I was headed in the right direction. I literally wrote and rendered this piece last night in just a few hours, so there is a ton of work to be done with the sound samples; I'll concede that. I just didn't want to waste time on a mix if it didn't get a good vibe.

I'm going to extend this out and add more original and unique parts to adapt it more as a Remix. My goal is to see at least one of my songs through to being posted. Keep an eye out for another update on this one sometime during the next week or so.

Any additional feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening, everyone!


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