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Turrican 3 reloaded


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after playing turrican 3 last week, i thought it was about time to do my version of the amazing title track composed by chris huelsbeck

http://www.24-7media.de/adds/turrican3reloaded.mp3 (my version)



I enjoyed. A lot.

Turrican 3/Mega Turrican/Super Turrican are among my favourite OST's of all time.

Wow, this is awesome. It starts off pretty low key and dark, then it goes all Tubular Bells, and THEN the Marty O'Donnell mixed with 80's synths and lush electronic beats comes in. Fantastic stuff. The vocals are very well done... I've not heard such a unique spin on what I'm assuming is Vocaloid before. Slick stuff man.

The only criticism I can really notice is that one the beat kicks in, it sounds great, but I dunno, the overall sound could be a little fatter. When the strings are in there, this is a total non-issue. But when they're pared back, it loses a little presence. I can hear maybe some filtered pads with a small helping of Bitcrushing going on...

However, I am truly nit-picking, because you've retained that total Turrican sound whilst at once making it sound unique, modern and fresh. Everything is crisp, clear and well defined, and apart from MAYBE that one suggestion (and the fact that it's over way too quickly), this totally rocks my world.

The Turrican love is here, and it's aaaaallllll good.

Love it :D

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