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  1. Instant bookmarks. Thank you for posting those. I don't want to be a poor sport after you've taken your time and effort to show me a very nice selection of remixes. I do want to say that those are almost if not all from the C64 version (as you've implied by where the remixes are posted). I like that one, but not as much as I like Jeroen Tel's powerful NES title screen track for that version of the game. (My original youtube link) That deep bass line is just so good. I really want to hear a non-8bit version. Which is what I was hoping to request a remix of. p.s. I didn't realize just how diff
  2. Overlord/Supremacy - Title Screen To my knowledge, there are zero remixes of Overlord/Supremacy, regardless of which system it was ported to on OC Remix. I won't presume to hinder creativity by stating a genre, so my only request is to pretty please, remix the song. Thank you kindly, ~Noodles
  3. This shit is loooooow lol. I like it. My kind of dubstep. As soon as it got to 0:15 I was just thinking " Ahh yeah, finally someone that understands what a bassline is supposed to sound like!" Of course the track still sounds like it's a work in progress and has some ways to go but the ground work is getting there. What it needs is more variation, unfortunately the Gerudo valley theme has a tendency to be quite repetitive. I think there also might be match up issues between the instruments which is resulting in the overall song being a little muddled. I can't wait to see what developments you
  4. I like it. Very good Dubstep. Though like Vidilian said, you could make the bassline have even more bass. Most specifically the lowest notes could resonate out a little longer at some places. Right now it's just kind of teasing my headphones in some places where you make the bass go really low. Love those parts, as that's what I like in a good dubstep. I don't think it needs to be any dirtier. Scratching or wobbling the shit out of it wouldn't make it a good song. It would just turn it into noise. You'd probably be fine with the current bass. As you said, your goal is 3:00. Sounds like a good
  5. Pretty solid. I actually don't have a problem with anything high pitched, or maybe I just missed it. My concern would be the groovy beat being a little too soft for my tastes. I personally prefer songs in this style to have a little umf in the bass line. Like Jem-They or Menusha& and the Girls - you boys can boogie too. Everything is already there, it would just need to be less muted.
  6. The main guitar? that comes in after like a minute or so. There's no time stamp that I can find to be more specific. If you listen to the song it's the instrument that when it starts to play, it starts with quite a loud note. Extending it might work. here's the idea I personally would go with if this were my song. I'd try to make that Trumpet theme very smooth, less "cuts" between notes. The higher the quality of the notes, the better. the overall style also, imo, allows for some playing with dragging out notes to accommodate better phrasing if needed. This is an example.. sort of, of what
  7. Could use some equalization to balance it out a little maybe? the Trumpet sounds like it's just for support after a short while. The guitar chords sound funny to me. I can't quite place my finger on it but they remind me of the sound made when someone does a "chord" or actually a double stop but is actually just playing an Octave. There's nothing genuinely wrong with that but I think it could be made more interesting. This is just me but I'd experiment with doing a non-chord style sequence in the guitars. It could yield some interesting results.Mix it up with chords and non-chords maybe. The
  8. I don't want to offend anyone, but this is quite possibly the most disturbing comment I've read on here. I can't even imagine how someone can have this view point. All you care about is the frequency of a song? What does it matter if a single track has been remixed ten thousand times? The artist doing the remix is trying their first interpretation of the song. Their first. If you've listened to all the remixes of a song and you're getting sick of it, that's your problem and you should deal with it. But it's NOT a valid reason for diminishing someone elses remix. Why bother with music at all if
  9. Has some potential. Like previously stated, you should do something about the mechanical sounding guitars. Though that doesn't actually bother me that much. As far as the actual dubstep part goes. I'd make the wobble lower. It's supposed to be bass. At the moment it's coming across as more like just loud annoying mid range wobbles. It's also got a pretty dull rhythm, to the point where I wouldn't miss it if you took out all the wobbles from the track completely lol. It's not like you have to follow the exact same wobble rhythm sequence the two times they play. I'm gonna go on a branch here tha
  10. I listened to it last night, but didn't have a chance to reply at all till now. Unfortunately I don't have speakers or headphones atm. So I'm gonna have to go off memory, The static effect at around 1:00+ is still messy. Like Rozovian said, it has some rhythm problems. Overall it's getting better, the singing is still pretty unimpressive to me though. Hopefully someone can give you more constructive crit.
  11. Anyone that plays a classical instrument, specifically a bowed instrument would notice as well. It's the way the notes change, plus the notes themselves. There are slides and accents but imo it's not really possible to recreate an indistinguishable violin sound on a synth. Or any other bowed instrument really. There are too many bowing techniques, too many sound impurities created by an actual string and horse hair. Pressure and sound differences at the tip and frog of a bow. The changing of the bow direction itself, often makes a noticeable change in the sound. It's not just notes. Also the s
  12. Like you said, balancing issues. It could definitely use some equalization. Also is it only skipping for me, shortly before the vocals start? Or is that an intended sound effect? if it is, I'd take it out. It sounds terrible, like a corrupted recording. Other than that, it's not bad. I don't really feel anything from the vocals, or the middle part of the track for that matter. I can faintly hear the second track you posted, personally.. I think it might be better if you brought that out more. The nauseating Descent games had a few good tracks, so it's nice to see a spin on the source. Hope to
  13. I think in it's current form it's already damn good. I like the style, it's very relaxing, melodic, not to mention nostalgic.
  14. This was an instant download for me. Great work.
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