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Rock Band track release - Unbound Soul

The Dual Dragons

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Hi there guys, Rock Band network just released an original tune for download that I did for them.

It's a spirited Metal track, it's very hard to play and can only be downloaded for the Xbox 360 version of the game.


Hope some of you enjoy it!

EDIT: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/383892

Download the tune here.


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So bad ass. It is the ass of bad.

I,,I 0_o I,,I

I don't have Rock Band, but some of my friends do and I might just con them into getting it mwahaha. Congrats on breaking through!

Thanks bro! Appreciate that.. I don't have Xbox 360 Rock Band as well :( haven't been able to try it me-self. Hope your pals enjoy it though. F'ing ROCK ON MAN!

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I like the music, but after seeing a video of the chart, I'm sorry but I can't buy it. I like songs that are fun for me to play, not songs that make my fingers bleed. I know there's a huge market for the type of difficult songs like what you've got, but I'm just not there.

Still love the song though. Really cool music.

Maybe you'll get the chance to not buy one of my tracks soon. :D

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