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OC ReMix Speaking at World's Fair Use Day, 1/13 in DC!

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Live in/around DC? Visiting the area for MAGFest and looking for something to do tomorrow morning? OC ReMix (namely, Larry Oji and David Lloyd) will be presenting at World's Fair Use Day in downtown DC TOMORROW (1/13/2011), 10:30AM @ the Washington Post Conference Center.

The name of our panel is "10:30am - 11:30am | Playing Fair: Remix in the Gaming Community"


Joining us on the panel will be Jay Pavlina, the man behind Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and there are plenty of other interesting folk doing presentations throughout the day.

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It was a good thing. I was in the unique position of knowing both the moderator and two of the panelists, not to mention that this sort of thing may be in my long-term interest career-wise.

Since Jos had actually never heard of OCRemix before, I helped bridge the gap by writing some questions. Some she ended up using, and some she didn't, but I figured it would be interesting to post them here:

  • What inspired the creation of this site/game?
  • Did you ever fear being issued a Cease and Desist order (aka C&D'ed)?
  • What separates your work from other creations which have been C&D'ed, such as Chrono Trigger remake Chrono Resurrection, Crimson Echoes and Eric Ruth's DJ Hero Demake?
  • How would you say relationships between game creators/companies and their fans have changed as the fans have started creating this type of content en masse?
  • Will the line blur between this sort of work and user-generated content within games?
  • Do you feel your work benefits the games you based it off of? Do you feel it worsens them?
  • Do you worry that reinterpreting and remixing existing material will lead to a dearth of quality original work?
  • Do you think certain applications of this issue actually do step on the companies' toes?
  • Do you think the policy of Fair Use in gaming should differ by the medium? For example, should machinima (which uses a lot of the actual game assets) be treated differently than fanfiction (which only uses the characters and abstract ideas)? (Jos actually wanted me to ask that, but I forgot to)
  • Fair Use doesn't usually extend to direct copying, but many old games are freely available online in various legal and illegal contexts. Do you think there should be a statue of limitation on companies being able to charge for their games?

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