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"Jetcopter" Contra Hard Corps Electronic-Metal

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Nice track once again.

It's really energetic and there are a lot of interesting uses of effects.

One minor nitpick would be that maybe the part where you put a phaser on the whole track lasts a little too long. I like the effect, but it might sound better to make it last a few bars shorter. This is a really minor issue though. Not a deal breaker for me at all.

I don't know for sure, but I think this would have a decent chance at passing the panel.

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Sweetness, a Contra Hardcore remix... not only that, but it's one of the coolest tunes from the game. Sweetness.

Solid guitar sound. I like the simple, bang your head metal. Good work with that. Most of the effects are well placed, and those that are not that great (some of the synths in the background that I hear...?) are not that noticeable, anyway.

Now, one issue that I have is that it takes a very long time to really get into the source (1:35), which isn't justified by the length of the song (3:39). A rule of thumb - if you're going to have a long intro, be sure that it's roughly 1/4 - 1/5 of the song. Right now your intro is about 1/2, so it's awkward, overall makes the track lack source and makes it feel too short. Not that I don't like the intro, mind you - it's a pretty awesome intro - but because of it's length it causes problems to the overall song.

The drum sequencing (especially the hats) are pretty mechanical. You'll need to tweak the velocities and volumes to have them sound a bit more human, there.

The production value is pretty good on this one. I think you could tone the highs down a touch on the master track (it sounds a little crowded in that area), but overall it's alright.

Nice work. It still needs a bit more, though, so don't stop here - it certainly has a shot, but not in it's current state. Contra Hardcore is certainly awesome, so I'm glad you're giving it a shot.

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Thank you guys for thoughts!! I appreciate it!!

I made this WIP in hope to collab with "someone" from electronic stuff. Cause I'm not good in this. And I still waiting for the answer.

But probably, I'll post request in collab forum or try to finish it by my self.

Thanks again! I'll keep in mind your advices! Cause your thoughts confirm my doubts)

Edit: I used here ME-80, Revolta(MMX) and Edirol Orchestra(2004).

Stereoing bass-rhythm-line(wah'y sound) - Revolta. I think this is "not that great" Gario)

My main problem. I like it's sound, but it sounds too crap)

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This is awesome :D I agree with the above remarks, it takes too long to get to the source, but once it does it's awesome. I think you could bring up the low-mids in the guitars a tad without it getting too muddy. Right now it sounds a little nasal. Aside from that, awesome work, I'd love to hear more!

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