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Gunstar Heroes remix WIP.

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sup stranger. hey, I really liked what I heard there. Just keep on going with this one. Of course it sounds incomplete, but....um. Yeah. I think you should just focus on one tune at a time and expand and explore each one, because you've got that type of creative arranging skill.

"shut the hell up!"

If there ever were a Gunstar Heroes remix project (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I would recommend that you sign up for that.

if I could critique the WIP, I would only say needs arrangement work, needs guitars and devil masks. and a diminished guitar solo. I like it very much.

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If there ever were a Gunstar Heroes remix project (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
I see what you did thar! :mrgreen:

Oh, hello Gunstar Heroes medley. What are you doing hanging by yourself in the workshop?

Glad to see some more luv for Treasure games. ;)

Nice intro build-up here. The source is well introduced. Unfortunately, from 0:37 things get a bit more problematic.

For starters, that synth brass isn't very good. It's ruinning all the hard work you've put into making the listener anticipate the hard hitting core of the source.

Second, the first part of the mix (Stage 1) is overwhelmingly mid-high heavy.

I believe that's because all the instruments started to converge toward the same pitch level/frequencies all at the same time at the 0:37 mark.

Kick drum isn't gonna be enough. You've got to lower your bass one octave to give the lows some much needed presence.

Then lower the volume/velocity on that bell thingy, which borrow too much space on the high-end, working against the lead.

Things get less crowded from 0:56, which is somehow better.

However, that's where it quickly becomes apparent that without extra attention, the sound design can (and will) drag the piece down.

That 'msn messenger-like' bell is clearly out of place with the rest of the instrumentation.

Furthermore, the part from 1:10 to 1:20 is a bit of a void.

It's like half the instruments suddenly went for their lunch break or something, leaving the bare skeleton of the track exposed.

Now for the second part. First off, kudo for having the bollocks to tackle SEVEN FORCE.

That's probably one of the few holy grails of Treasure's music among fans, which means it's also the kind of source you cannot aford to mess up.

I like that 90s, Bare Knuckles vibe, with some nice attention to panning.

The voice thing (let's go) could work wonders, but you need to drop the beat for one or two bars and make that transition a little more dramatic, build tension around it.

In comparison, your sound choices are more fitting than in the first section of the mix.

The instruments work better together, the frequency spectrum is broader and there's more attention to the soundscape overall.

The reprisal at 2:00 might need some added textures and dynamics, and although the inclusion of the stage 1 melody was a good idea to begin with, there's a slight detuning between the lead and the other instruments that sounds jarring.

Also, that foreground-background cycle with the riff feels a bit awkward somehow.

For the last part, I commend the use of in-game sound effects, which is a nice touch.

Wasn't sure if you were referencing the Stage 4 (Black) theme here. Had to listen to both the Genesis and GBA version of the soundtrack to make sure...

Golden Silver's theme (Stage 7) seems to be the closest thing from the sound of it.

The drums sounds/patterns are starting to get old at this point, but the harp/chimes are cool beans this time around.

However, this part isn't polished enough yet, appearing as more of a filler that serves the purpose of artificially extending the song another 30 sec or so.

Ok, time to wrap up this wip review here!

There are some cool ideas overall, and nice attention to details here and there.

But on the other hand, you've got to watch out for some obvious sticking points (EQ, sound design) that are dragging the piece down atm.

Arrangement is still a little rough around the edges with a composition that stays stubbornly conservative at times.

You should take a bit more risk and see where that leads you. Like Professor Brown used to say to Red and Blue:


Best of luck with this one, and keep it up (CJthemusic)dude. :)

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