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  1. interesting idea, and a well-written first post. I'm interested but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut until I have finished an "audition". Good luck guys!
  2. bump because my archives have been updated on the Arecibo Radio website. also check out all the other shows on Arecibo! I am now a "roaming show", but I still try to broadcast on Saturdays around 6:30-8:00pm central. that is the time slot between jmr's Open Circuit and KyleJCrb's Gamefuel. archives
  3. i like the mcrib, until I get diarreah the next day. other than that, it is such a sweet saucy sandwich
  4. and I liked it. seems like there was some good research done for the shows and the production is really good. cheers.
  5. Rayman 1 is the best video game soundtrack of all time. Yes, I said it.
  6. :mrgreen:falcon punch? i just wanted to bump for the hell of it. and lea's a bitch.
  7. red shojin wins. fatality. it's crunch time. time to get out the pitchforks. let's get 'r done. i have to start from scratch because my orignal session was corrupted. i ain't gonna stop now. sup blue magic. you gonna get r done? t minus 1 month. engage.
  8. I almost completed my song tuesday. but i took too long.
  9. love this game. so much good pastry. i'll remix it if you give me drums
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