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  1. interesting idea, and a well-written first post. I'm interested but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut until I have finished an "audition". Good luck guys!
  2. i liked it. i'd like to be on the next one.
  3. bump because my archives have been updated on the Arecibo Radio website. also check out all the other shows on Arecibo! I am now a "roaming show", but I still try to broadcast on Saturdays around 6:30-8:00pm central. that is the time slot between jmr's Open Circuit and KyleJCrb's Gamefuel. archives
  4. i like the mcrib, until I get diarreah the next day. other than that, it is such a sweet saucy sandwich
  5. and I liked it. seems like there was some good research done for the shows and the production is really good. cheers.
  6. Rayman 1 is the best video game soundtrack of all time. Yes, I said it.
  7. :mrgreen:falcon punch? i just wanted to bump for the hell of it. and lea's a bitch.
  8. red shojin wins. fatality. it's crunch time. time to get out the pitchforks. let's get 'r done. i have to start from scratch because my orignal session was corrupted. i ain't gonna stop now. sup blue magic. you gonna get r done? t minus 1 month. engage.
  9. I almost completed my song tuesday. but i took too long.
  10. love this game. so much good pastry. i'll remix it if you give me drums
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