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  1. interesting idea, and a well-written first post. I'm interested but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut until I have finished an "audition". Good luck guys!
  2. bjkmenu

    JH Sounds new album - The Duosis Sessions

    i liked it. i'd like to be on the next one.
  3. bump because my archives have been updated on the Arecibo Radio website. also check out all the other shows on Arecibo! I am now a "roaming show", but I still try to broadcast on Saturdays around 6:30-8:00pm central. that is the time slot between jmr's Open Circuit and KyleJCrb's Gamefuel. archives
  4. Hello OCR. I've been doing test shows on Arecibo Radio for a little while now and I think I'm ready to get serious about this. I do a live show on Saturdays at 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific) Time on Arecibo Radio When you listen, you can chat live with me in the Arecibo Live Chat Room. I would prefer that you participate in the chat during the show because I constantly check the room for requests and general banter. I really enjoy the interactivity that is possible with this show. About the show: Live playing, usually guitar and a little keyboard on top of vg tracks/loops/remixes. I also sing and jam to other types of music, live. Music selections: I have an OK collection of VG OST's that I play in between requests or other random setups. I also work in DoD, OCR, and other fan-made remixes during "breaks". The listeners rule: I try to make the show about the listeners and try to take any and all requests. I may fail, but at least I tried! I also have the ability to take skype calls. Add me to your skype list: I am billcaker on skype. You may get on the show with an impromptu interview of sorts. lol. bjkmenu radio archives
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    Celebrate the McRib

    i like the mcrib, until I get diarreah the next day. other than that, it is such a sweet saucy sandwich
  6. bjkmenu

    Game Sack

    and I liked it. seems like there was some good research done for the shows and the production is really good. cheers.
  7. bjkmenu

    Rayman-Band Land~ Going Heights

    Rayman 1 is the best video game soundtrack of all time. Yes, I said it.
  8. :mrgreen:falcon punch? i just wanted to bump for the hell of it. and lea's a bitch.
  9. bjkmenu

    Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous - History

    red shojin wins. fatality. it's crunch time. time to get out the pitchforks. let's get 'r done. i have to start from scratch because my orignal session was corrupted. i ain't gonna stop now. sup blue magic. you gonna get r done? t minus 1 month. engage.
  10. sup. do you like pizza sauce?
  11. bjkmenu

    Bust a Groove, Bust a Groove 2

    Good call dude
  12. bjkmenu

    Mortal Kombat

  13. bjkmenu

    OHC - One hour compos start again!

    see you in the compost
  14. bjkmenu

    JHC - Are you ready for JHCompo?

    I almost completed my song tuesday. but i took too long.
  15. bjkmenu

    Cyril's Silly Show on!

    DJ Stealth. c'mon dude.
  16. bjkmenu


    love this game. so much good pastry. i'll remix it if you give me drums
  17. bjkmenu

    Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011

    This looks really awesome and fun. Is it? When can I play?
  18. we definitely need to do that again. i'm a heterosexual man, but I get angry when attractive females wear tight clothing at the grocery store.
  19. asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsdaf a;sdkfja;sdkfja;sdkfj;asdlfjasd;fjlkadsf wicked foolishness on the drums check first post
  20. working on stuff to play for the show right now. i'm thinking of going on a little early today, probably around 5:30-6:00 eastern because jmr's open circuit is cancelled. this will be my final bump. listen chat + listen (preferred)
  21. bjkmenu

    Nerd/Geek Podcasts

    saturdays@7pm eastern on arecibo radio. chat live during the show!
  22. wow, that really fooled me. way to go kyle. you played with my emotions. as long as you don't play with my money, then we're straight. i gotta go stack some paper. big wurm don't play with his money. also, I may follow your show today for a little while. I may try to leech the host organism. stay tuned for bjkmenu radio beta 2 (possibly)
  23. I'll be listening to the show today. Is it 5pm eastern or 6? I might even try to get on after, who knows.
  24. bjkmenu

    Gunstar Heroes

    from Brian Davis' new album!
  25. bjkmenu


    there is a secret portal located within my signature containing what you seek. go forth. ps. try the new search feature on pss. do you ever get bill cakes withdrawal?