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OCR01290 - DuckTales "Duck Blur"


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One of my favorite source tracks of all time, this is a great feeling mix that focuses on the strengths of the original writing while adding some new fun surprises. A few of the transitions were a little strange with the modulations added in, but it still works out ok in the end. Some of the original parts were a little weaker and didn't feel quite right either, but the first half of the song is super good. The ending was simple but classy; nice work there. :-D

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On a first listen, my initial thoughts were that this was perhaps a little safe, especially considering Salzman's cred. However, repeat listens revealed a whole lot more than just the happy-techno cover I thought I'd stumbled upon.

I really like the shifts in tone, and the great alterations made to the pace, structure and melody itself of the source. It has to be hard to find a way to manipulate and expand such strong source material, and Salzman has done it with restraint, creativity and clarity.

This is not something that blows me out of the water, production-wise... arrangement-wise or anything-wise. But removed from my expectations, there is a crazy amount of joy to be had with this one. It's cheerfulness cranked up to full and a more interesting take on the original than the genre might lead you to believe.

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Love it...just love it. There's a real 90's vibe but the arrangement is so much more intricate than just being a techno remix. There are lots of subtle little changes and transitions that add a beautiful orchestral feel. This track is really bright and cheerie You'd be hard pressed to not feel that little bit happier after hearing. Towards the end I feel the arrangement trails of a little bit and loses some of the initial interest but the start of the track is so attention grabbing that I don't care.

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