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ZREO Twilight Symphony Announced.

Capt. Stupidity

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Not sure if y'all have heard the news yet, but ZREO's latest project--Twilight Symphony--has been officially announced. The news released is featured on Destructiod and OSV along with some previews of the tracks. This project is going to be amazing and will be even more amazing if they get a real choir to record.

They are trying to raise money on their Kickstarter page to hire a full choir for this project. I thought I'd spread the word around to help them out. Also, there are plans for the overture to be performed live by PLAY! A Video Game Symphony concert

Kickstarter Page

OSV News Release

Destructiod News Release

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Hey guys. We're using a variety of cutting edge libraries, as well as live instruments recorded specifically for this project and placed into the mix as sweeteners where appropriate. If we're unhappy w/ the way a sampled instrument sounds, we strive to replace it with the real deal -- within reason. We've managed to squeeze a lot of realism out of our samples -- of course, it is never a substitute for a live orchestra, but I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised w/ what we've been able to accomplish. That said, a live choir would certainly put it over the top. Live orchestra, not a realistic goal. Live choir? Sure! So why not? Thanks for your support guys! We're all big OCRemix fans and love the community and work being done here.

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Wouldn't it be far cheaper to use this?

The live choir is neat and all, but seems awful expensive considering the rest of the project wont be live recorded. This stuff is pretty darn convincing if it works as good as the website's samples (and what I've heard from virt's stuff using it)

Another suggestion if you don't quite make your goal is maybe rally up volunteers on the internet to sing parts and then just tie them together like a live choir.

But heres hoping you achieve what you set out for!

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