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  1. @Flare4War Yes, apologies to everybody. I got hotheaded and thinking about it now, I can see where you all were coming from. Even though I may not like all of it, I have taken your criticism into account. And, I liked the idea of just doing this marathon for charity, so I have changed it to raising $500 for charity. I will be donating all the money to Hands on Tokyo. Again, sorry for the blow up. EDIT: Changed the charity I'm donating to. Hands on Tokyo is more community based and they give more personal help which is pretty cool.
  2. A sponsor is someone who supports an event financially and that is what I am asking for help with. And you are not paying me to play video games for no reason. The money goes towards a prize pool. ALL THE MONEY I COLLECT (I.E. EVERY PENNY, EVERY CENT) WILL GO TOWARDS THE PRIZES!! I keep NONE of it. Zip, zilch, notta. I don't claim there are prizes. Prizes will be given away. And to answer your question: How many times do you want me to repeat the answer?
  3. Oh my gosh! I am simply asking for HELP! If you want to be nice and help out then I would greatly appreciate it. You are not obligated to help out and this one is not for charity.
  4. Ok, I figured people would want a chance to win a 3DS. I may change my minds and change the marathon to give donations to Red Cross for Japan. I am not taking anybody's money! I have repeated 2 or 3 times now that ALL the money goes towards the prizes which I do not keep but give away to donors. But, thanks for your opinion. I will take it into consideration.
  5. No, you are not paying me to do anything. Every single cent I collect will go towards prizes which will be given away to donors. And you don't have to watch me play the whole time. I have watched a couple of gaming marathons and personally I quite enjoyed it. Don't know what you mean by that. This marathon I am collecting money for prizes. It's like a raffle. You donate whatever and the money goes towards prizes which are given away. Future marathons I will definitely be collecting money for charity. Sorry you feel that way, but if you don't donate you don't get a chance at the prize. And again, I have loved watching gaming marathons. It's really fun and you get to talk to other people through chat.
  6. This one is NOT for charity. This marathon is a sort of test run and the money will go towards the prizes. Future marathons will go towards charity.
  7. Ollo, I am planning to launch my first gaming marathon of sorts. Due to time constraints I can only play through the night, but I want to do it nonetheless. I hope to do more of these and raise money for charity and give away prizes, but for my first one I am just doing prizes and one of them will be a Nintendo 3DS. I am trying to spread the word around because if I don't get the donations then there will be no prizes. So I hope you will plan to watch my live gaming stream and donate money for your chance to win a 3DS along with some other prizes. More info can be found on my web site: http://game.silverknightgothic.com/
  8. I'm not really a fan of mixes with singing, so when I first saw this I was kinda bummed. Then I saw the name and thought "Oh my gosh, it's that guy that can sound like a freakin' girl!". So I downloaded it, listened to it, and loved it.The song is a little short though, but it is very well done.
  9. Electro: Once you have an WIP send that to me and also sign up on the project forum here for discussing and posting WIPs http://majoramaskremix.proboards.com/index.cgi
  10. The sounds you got going are great. They are very easy on the ears. But, you don't really change it up much. You have the same track with a slight curveball thrown in there. It's labeled as a WIP so I assume you're still working on it. Try to build up an intro and change up the song to make it yours.
  11. The piano reminded me of the JPop genre which I thought worked very well. Very cool song and nice arrangement.
  12. @Crowbar Man Yes, it would be cheaper, but a real choir still sounds 10x better IMO.
  13. Not sure if y'all have heard the news yet, but ZREO's latest project--Twilight Symphony--has been officially announced. The news released is featured on Destructiod and OSV along with some previews of the tracks. This project is going to be amazing and will be even more amazing if they get a real choir to record. They are trying to raise money on their Kickstarter page to hire a full choir for this project. I thought I'd spread the word around to help them out. Also, there are plans for the overture to be performed live by PLAY! A Video Game Symphony concert Kickstarter Page OSV News Release Destructiod News Release
  14. Man, this year has gotten off to a pretty kick-ass start, and now February raises this bar with this one. I like the lo-fi sounds, sweeping synths, and drums. Awesome!
  15. I am trying my hand at a solo piano piece (synthesized, not live). The basic melody is pretty much done. I might lengthen it a bit. Flourishes will be added, but for the most part I want to keep it simple, nothin' fancy. Mostly, I am looking for feedback on how the song flows, humanization, and if the track is at all interesting (i.e. not repetitive). http://soundcloud.com/ezlo/slile-suzavka-wip-v-1
  16. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Link, Ezlo, Vaati, Belari, Malon LT: Kind of eh on them myself, but they're solid sprites. OK.
  17. Love the album. Very laid back and kirby-esque. I will send some money as soon as I can afford it
  18. WARNING!! Those prone to muscle spasms, seizures, or other involuntary actions should stay away from this remix. This track made me feel like I was imploding to infinity. Loved it!!
  19. The lead synth reminds me of cheese! I love the little stops and glitches. Great remix would be an understatement...it was super-stellar-friggin-epic-awesome!
  20. You seem to have a thing with harps It's too empty. I like the samples you used, though I would take redt's advice and see if you can get a better harp sample. The mix needs something more. Put some strings in there or other instruments. Also, the arrangement need work. Very repetitive. It sounds too much like a cover.
  21. Very enjoyable. I don't know if I have anything to add. I liked all the synths you used and the drums are incredible. You may have some work production-wise, but I really wouldn't change anything.
  22. I love a good orchestral remix, and this one does not disappoint. I thought the samples were pretty good, considering. The solo strings weren't bad. The piano was very synthetic, however. At 6 minutes long this mix is epic and keeps things moving.
  23. I listened to the source before listening to this mix. The source was really annoying. I couldn't listen to the entire thing, but this mix makes it so much more enjoyable! A touch of Jazz and some good glitchiness. Great work Proto!
  24. Pretty good, pretty good. I like how the song escalates at the beginning...but then it stays in mid escalation. You add another harmony but the bass notes remain the same. Change those up a bit. Try rolling the bass notes a bit rather than having it hit the whole chord. Guitar is cool, but I would suggest tweaking the tone as it sounds kinda muddled. Also, when the guitar comes in and plays by itself the crescendo suddenly drops and then you escalate it a bit by bringing in some sort of lead, but I think it still needs some work. It's very catchy and that's great. Build on that and you should have a solid track.
  25. I think this is the first time I bought a game because of the soundtrack. Great work zircon!
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