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Happy 25th Birthday to The Legend of Zelda!


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I'm not even fanfic or nutin


That honestly bothered me when I first saw that pic. I scoured the image about 4 times until I decided she wasn't there.

Yeah I kinda can't believe that would be overlooked. There are multiple variations of Ganon too so there's really no excuse.

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why is the wolf at the top of the huge picture since when are wolves godly

oh and would someone like to explain to me what's so great about oot's soundtrack? i never really understood that. for me it's one of those games where it's amazing background music, but i cant listen to it on its own. i just wanna know what the appeal is.

There is no doubt that the Zelda franchise have been in steady decline since OoT and ALttP. I think its obvious that the franchise needs some new blood. I would say give Aonuma a break from the series, and give the helm to somebody else.
Maybe they should give it to the guy who did the ds zeldas

oh wait

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