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Zelda: OoT Lost Woods Classical Piano/Violin Duet


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Proto, Theo, you're both wrong. This is only classical in the sense that it is using classical instruments, and Romantic only in the way that the piece moves. Clearly, the correct label to apply to this piece is that it is "a piece of modern sensibilities and composition conceived in the Romantic style." :<

This is good stuff. In particular I'm enjoying the Debussy-esque elements at 2:19+. I think you deserve substantial praise for how you develop the source material while insuring that it remains completely recognizable throughout.

If I had to make one criticism of the piece, the violinist is missing too many notes. Not that he/she is playing wrong notes, but that they're the string equivalent to brass flubs. It's the right note, they just, well...they missed it. Case in point, 1:05-1:07. This probably sounds more harsh then I intend it to be, so just consider it as part of the ravings of a brass musician that's bitter that when a string player misses a note it's just out of tune instead of a splea, tarzan, or any of the other memorable ways brass players miss notes. :razz:

The good news is that since you recorded this as separate tracks this is fixable assuming you're willing to put the time in to adjust pitch. No real need to go back and record things, I think.

And as a completely unrelated aside - have you considered doing something for brass quintet?

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@FunkyEntropy Thanks for the critique. We went back and forth about the missed notes and decided it was ok for it to be less than perfect given our skill levels and the WIP reactions up to that point. Chris did re-record a few notes and chords to get them closer than the version you're hearing, though.

And no, haven't given much thought to composing something for brass quintet, but you'd be on my short list if a good idea came to mind.

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In particular I'm enjoying the Debussy-esque elements at 2:19+.

Hah, I was going to say it sounds a lot more impressionistic than romantic, but you beat me to it.

-- out of curiosity, why would a two mic setup make a difference? Soften the sound a bit?

ORTF stereo pair is applicable to just about everything. Gives tracks a sense of space without having to use a stereo imager.

Awesome work. This needs to be in my Winamp library yesterday.

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Well, I'm glad you guys took it the way I intended.

Like I said, I don't think there's a need to rerecord at this point. Assuming you've got the time and the software, you should be able to go in and adjust the pitch of the offending notes. Just so we're clear - I wouldn't even bother mentioning this unless I felt like it was worth the time and effort necessary for you to do this.

What you have is very, very good. The only think keeping this from being fantastic is the occasional intonation issue.

Fix that, and then submit it. (You could probably get away with submitting it now - I do not have a high opinion of the level of live string playing found on some of the published remixes on this site - but hopefully pride in craft will compel you to tinker with it first.)

@ Chris. My criticism of the intonation aside, I think you did a great job performance-wise. You really captured the light, playful style of the source material while giving it that personal flair that propels the piece to the next level. Any hey, what's a couple of missed notes here and there - that's what sound engineers are for! :<

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At first I didn't like the violin. SOmething sounded horribly wrong to it, but I couldn't place my finger on it. After getting further in, however, I've warmed up to it, and I actually like it very much. This remix is fantastic! Really wonderful job on this. I love the original and you managed to keep it incredibly enjoyable while really re-envisioning it. Kudos! Keep up the good work!

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