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The Post-GDC thread - OCR edition

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I'll type out my full report later, but GDC was rad and here are some of the OCR-specific highlights:

-Rooming with DannyB, Josh Whelchel, and others

-MegaRan is awesome

-Gratuitous amounts of DayJobOrchestra

-I finally met Anosou, and he is every bit as sexy IRL as in IRC

-Finally met AE/A Rival and he's a pretty rad dude too

-Finally met Lizz

-Hanging out with Kunal & Virt

-Awesome cheesesteak with Bustatunez & co

-seeing OCR peeps Bustatunez, Dan Reynolds, Jeff Ball, and Zircon (through proxy by Jill) get to win a GANG award for MI2

-Zircon/Pixie totally won the GANG GDC composer's challenge

-Lots and lots and lots of other stuff (I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch right this sec, but I'll fill it in later)


-Wicked sinus infection landed the day before I flew to SF and pretty well screwed up the first few days I was there. Flying (changes in air pressure) + Ears/face being stuffed up = lots of pain. I thought I might have permanent hearing damage when they popped at one point.

-I DID NOT GET TO EAT AT IN-N-OUT BURGER :cry: (mainly due to said sinus infection)

-zircon's absence

-DJP didn't win the GANG recognition award that I nominated him for

-it came to an end

So anyway, I'll do a full-on proper post-GDC report a bit later, but mainly I just wanted to make a thread for all the OCR people to chime in on.

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It's funny, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a game designer. Games were awesome.

Now, I keep thinking that I can't do it. I might have to sit back and look at GDCs from the past to get familiar with the industry. I mean, I shouldn't think about it as doing AAA game titles or anything... just to make something fun and interesting.

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Aww, Jimmy, I totally would have bought you some sinus meds if it meant that you could have eaten birthday cake with us! It was delicious. You missed everyone singing loudly to me while I shoved cake in my face and the giant dance party boozefest afterward.


Haha, awesome :D

Actually I pretty much cleaned out Walgreens, bought some of like pretty much every over-the-counter meds they had from sudafed up to mucinex. Then I gave in and just went to a doctor (who was probably the most loony-toons medical professional I have ever met lol) and managed to get a prescription for some antibiotics.

I totally wanted to go to Will's place though. I probably could have, but we stayed up pretty much the whole night before that, and I was just sort of at that point where I had to rest or I might just pass out at any given moment lol

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