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  1. Happy birthday to Malaki-LEGEND.sys, Modus, and Calum, too! Hope your day was as great as mine was! I just had ice cream, so I'm happy.
  2. Aww, thanks, guys. :3 Thread totally not needed, but definitely appreciated!
  3. Man, too bad Nekofrog and I don't live in Fort Wayne anymore, or we'd be all over this! Unfortunately, all but one family member high-tailed it to Florida in the last year, so I never have much reason to visit anymore. Have fun though, guys!
  4. Yeah, I think we both got the sniffles from Mother 3. And Katie, why didn't I mention it? I should have. After playing through it for the first time a few years ago, I spent a whole week in a funk. That game really shook me up. I think you know that, though.
  5. Guess I should have done this last Saturday when I bought mine...whoops! 3695-0186-8050 I've been crazily wrapped up in Ocarina of Time 3DS. Absolutely gorgeous for a handheld game. I'm really excited for Star Fox 64.
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236049 I've had this for about a year now, and I love it. It was on sale last week for $149, but still, for $200, you really can't beat it. I know I paid a lot more than that a year ago.
  7. Ashamee

    Kirby Wii

    Come visit, Mr. Wu. We haven't hung out in a long time. I'd gladly co-op with you.
  8. Ashamee

    Kirby Wii

    I squealed like a little girl when I saw the trailer last week. :3 That said, it reminds me a lot of Kirby 64, though it looks like it plays more like Kirby SuperStar. Freakin' beyond excited. It always broke my heart to know that the GameCube Kirby game was forever canceled, and it's about time we got a new update. I loved the hell out of Epic Yarn, but it just wasn't the same. Aaron Wu, show me what you've got! I wanna see!
  9. They might. Sending stuff besides letters is generally a bad idea, because it can, and likely will, be opened in front of everyone, and get fussed over. When Nekofrog was in bootcamp, I only sent letters, and when he finally asked for me to send photos, I made sure that he was sure that it was okay for him to receive pictures with his letters. If in doubt, don't do it. It might cause some teasing, or get tossed in the trash.
  10. Hmm, curious, as I too still have my ID despite having graduated three years ago. I also still have my .edu email address that stays active for life, so there's always that, too. Not sure if I want to get into any possible doo-doo, however.
  11. It was up out here in California on Saturday night, but appears to be down again. Also, your Gmail account being hacked into has nothing to do with PSN. Nekofrog's account was accessed by someone in Laos back at the end of March, but luckily, he was notified before any spam went out. He changed his password and has been fine since.
  12. Is May 31st still the purported date when things go back up? Just curious.
  13. Not to mention that a lot of their articles are often rife with grammatical and spelling errors. Does nobody on their staff know how to properly write an article? It's pathetic.
  14. Aww, Jimmy, I totally would have bought you some sinus meds if it meant that you could have eaten birthday cake with us! It was delicious. You missed everyone singing loudly to me while I shoved cake in my face and the giant dance party boozefest afterward.
  15. As was recommended, yes, someone should buy up the tickets and then have everyone pay them back. That's generally the only way to get seats together at things like this. We did things this way when a bunch of us saw VGL in Louisville, and it worked out great. Outside of the concert, hmm...well, since the Embassy is downtown, I recommend Science Central, which is also downtown. I used to go there a lot on field trips as a kid, and it's generally for kids, but it's still really fun. Essentially, it's a building full of interactive science experiments, and they always have a new giant exhibit every month that you can play in. When I was 11, it was a giant cabbage maze from the Peter Rabbit books, and the last time I was there two years ago, it was a slanted house, that you could climb into and try to actually stay upright. There's also the Fort Wayne Museum of Art downtown and the Old Fort, too, which is now open for tours. Sadly, they closed the Lincoln Museum, which was full of interactive exhibits on Abraham Lincoln. Just look and see what you can find. As far as hotels, I've not actually stayed in one out there, so I can't really recommend any, but I know they have a Hilton downtown which is supposedly pretty nice. Just too bad I'm not sticking around long enough to go with you guys, but maybe when I'm in town next week, I'll take a look around for you. Also, Neko can't go. He and I both live in California now, and while I was hoping he could have joined me on this vacation, work obligations are causing him to stay here, so yeah.
  16. Yeah, Neko and I did this in 2007, (my family lives in Fort Wayne) and it was a lot of fun. We also saw it again in Louisville. I was asked to go see it again since I'm going to be in Fort Wayne next week, but I'm only staying until the 24th and don't want to stay too much longer than that, so, sorry, guys. Since I've seen it twice, I don't think it's THAT imperative that I go. Have fun, though! Fort Wayne is a really neat city. Buy your tickets early. The Embassy Theatre is relatively small, and the time we went, it sold out.
  17. There's a rumor that there MIGHT be another Vegas summer thing like last year. We can brainstorm.
  18. Monobrow gets EVERYONE drunk. That's like, what she does. She's so damn good at it, too!
  19. I ordered the gift for our recipient last night and it's still processing, but should be there in time for Christmas. I would think it would ship sometime tomorrow. No worries, though! Unlike last year, I refuse to be (fashionably) late!
  20. luhny, I heard my doorbell ring about two mornings ago and got a package from you! Thanks for the teeny tiny 4 GB thumb drives! They're adorable! Maybe I'll take a picture, but Neko and I were excited and opened them already! As for our Secret Santa recipient, your gift should ship on Monday.
  21. Since Ari and Katie want both, I'll just let them have 'em. It'd be easier that way. I'm sorry, guys. We really, really want to go and had our hearts set on it, but with the way things look work-wise for Neko, he'll only get a few days off for the holiday, and we'll be lucky if he gets much more time off, since they're severely shorthanded. We were hoping to visit my family sometime in January, too, if we can manage the schedule, and we had to make a choice. Family ended up winning out, since they haven't seen him for over a year, and we were unable to make Thanksgiving or Christmas. See you all next year, though, and enjoy yourselves this year!
  22. Hi, guys. Despite our desire to make it to MAG again this year, Nekofrog is unable to get the time off of work for us to go, and I really don't wish to go without him! As it stands, we are sitting here with two Attendee badges, that usually go for $40 each. We would be willing to take $60 for the pair, or $30 each. If anyone's interested, send either Neko or me a PM, or find me on IRC. PayPal is preferred. Hope everyone has fun this year without us.
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