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OCR01320 - *YES* Gauntlet 3 'Blue Wizard Is About to Die'


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Hello mr DJp,

Here is my info.

* Contact Info

ReMixer Name = Binster

Real Name = Martin Binfield

Email Address = thabisnit@abandonedsheep.com

Website = http://www.abandonedsheep.com

userID on forums = 1751

* ReMix Info

Game Remixed = Gauntlet 3

Name of Song = not sure, subtune 2

* Additional info =

Published by US Gold on the c64, the music was composed by Tim Follin

* Link to original track =


I hope you like it. It was done in Reason2.5 over the course of a long, long time, and this is a yet-further tweaked version of the VGMix release

(http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=1941) which will hopefully sound better, features a more prominent growly synth in the second half of the track, and is also extended in length slightly to 2:32.

All the best


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http://exotica.fix.no/tunes/archive/C64Music/Follin_Tim/Gauntlet_III.sid - Subtune 2/2

Dammit. I loved this track to death on VGMix and played it on VGF33 when I was doing makeup shows. I figured whatever changes made here would be an improvement, but I'm gonna have to say NO on this.

The arrangement of the source tune is excellent. I like most of the additions, and the beats are hot. But the source melody, which was somewhat muted but more apparent in the the VGMix version, is really driven to the back of the track here; even the new synth that handles the mix's melody isn't enough of a presence to me. Rather, the beatwork seems to dominate over the top of everything else.

From :19-:37, you can barely even hear it. A new synth joins in at :37 to handle melody as well, but again, it doesn't register much with me. The melody of the breakdown from :57-1:13, which I thought was the coolest part of the mix, got obscured by the additions put in.

Not really feeling the new section from 1:33-1:50. 1:50-2:09 was the same style of thick stuff that Binster used in ICO "Icon", which I would have NOed on those grounds and asked for a resubmission if I was on the panel way back when.

Maybe others may have the same problem as me, maybe not; this works for its style, sure. I'd certainly contact Martin and ask him to adjust the balance here if desired. I don't wanna seem as if I don't like the track or am NOing simply because it's different from the VGMix version.

Martin, though infrequent with releases, is one of the more exciting members of the community to listen to. But I've gotta push for a resubmission here to make the melody, as done in the first version, a more prominent & integral part of the track. I don't use emoticons much, but damn. :-(

NO (borderline/please resubmit)

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Damn this production is crisp. The melody is obscured quite a lot by the beats though. Damn I hate this kind of decision! Usually I like my beats a little louder than the rest of the instruments; it is quite extreme here though, enough for it to tarnish the effectiveness of the mix.

Hardest no I've ever had to do, but PLEASE PLEASE resubmit this! This is the first time I have begged for anything!


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good ol follin music mixed in with good ol binster music. say what you will about groove bias but this is damn groovy and i dig

subdued melody? sure - but some pieces of music aren't meant to glorify the standard of melody, anyways. what i hear here is quality and funkiness. i liked the vgmix version but i like this new synth a lot more, dude - very grunkly

i don't see any problem here. this is nice.


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i heard this one when it was posted on RKO a few weeks ago.

while i agree with larry that the melody is subdued, it's in there enough for me.

while the mix has ideas irrelevent to the original, the original is still tightly integrated.

and we don't get many mixes that can take a variety of hard and soft electronic sounds and make them all fit together without losing focus.

hey, i even like the title.


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I was a bit disappointed after hearing this. I guess I expected another Icon from binster. Listening to this more, I think this is still passable. I don't think this mix is as engaging as it could have been, but the arrangement, synth design and production are all above the bar. I also don't think the subdued melody is at all a deterent here. I guess my biggest issue with this mix, is it feels underdeveloped to me. By the time I got to enjoy the musical scenery of the mix, it was over.

While I have a few reservations on this mix, it's still good enough for a borderline YES.

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