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Live eagle cam.


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I keep hoping the third will hatch, but considering the short time between the first two hatching and the third not, I doubt it will. I think there were pip holes in all three eggs, so I believe the third was trying to get out. It's possible the third was also the last egg to be laid so it may be a little behind. Here's hoping it hatches, but if not, at least two are surviving so far.

And Strader, 12 billion more bunnies were born between the time that one was killed for food and now. Crap, make that 13 billion. They're breeding like bunnies!

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Eaglets are getting crazy big now. Not much longer now and I think they'll start pecking away at food on their own.

I turn this thang on and see about 4 seconds of adorable bird then get blasted with HOW DELICIOUS IS KELLOGS NEW TASTEY NUT and I'm like OMG WTF

But yeah, holy crap, these birds are pretty big!

I don't think I've ever seen a baby eagle. They seem a bit dopey.

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