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OCR01336 - *YES* Secret of Mana 'NightTime Evolution'


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Link to song: Download Here

ReMixer: Harmony

Real Name: Brandon Bush

E-Mail: BLBush@hotmail.com

ReMix Title: NightTime Evolution

ReMixed Game: Secret of Mana

Original Song: “Spirit of the Night” by Hiroki Kikuta

I’m tossing my hat into the OC Remix arena with this remix of a great song from my favorite SNES game. Piano and guitar always do it for me and this mix has plenty to spare (with a piano sample that I love). I like knowing what equipment people are using so…this song was recorded with:

- a Casio CTK-551 (the kind with the keys that light up…my Motif is still at the store)

- Cakewalk Sonar 2, Fruity Loops 3, Cool Edit 2000 Pro

- My trusty acoustic guitar

I’m looking forward to some great feedback from the judges and, if my mix is posted, the OCR community also. Thanks and enjoy.

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http://www.snesmusic.org/spcsets/sd2.rsn - "Spirit of the Night" (sd2-17.spc)

I let this one marinate for a little bit. The somewhat dry (though reverbed) nature of the beatwork didn't really engage my interest for the first few listens, but I got more into the track as I gave it time.

Good opening with the belltones, acoustic guitar, percussion sounds and electronic work. Everything combined very nicely; the textures were very relaxing.

After going for rearrangement right from the intro, the source tune melody recognizably kicked in at :54. There were tons of additive goodies in there while "Spirit of the Night" played in a pretty straightforward manner.

Excellent work switching the flow up at 1:35 with some sweet rearrangement ideas for the lead, along with some brief stuttering and more creativity with the percussion patterns. I thought one of the fuller sections became cluttered, from 2:15-2:32, so make sure everything doesn't mud together too much for loaded up sections of your work in the future. Heard a little bit of tinkering around with the stereo field but could have gone for more activity there. Take further advantage of panning tricks.

The ending tapered off fairly well, although that last low string hanging until 3:09 didn't sound good. Even going for a delicate approach where things slow down and various instruments drop out as the piece winds down, the ending should have possessed a more satisfying resolution.

Overall though, very nice work and a pleasure to listen to, Brandon. Good work creating some dry yet purposeful and satisfying percussion work, a relaxing atmosphere, and some well-executed arrangement ideas.

Good choice for a source tune. "Spirit of the Night" is a favorite of mine from the SoM soundtrack, but it would have been easy to create something that attempted to coast on the strengths of the original composition and thus ended up being bankrupt from a creative standpoint. Keep up the good work!


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Cool stuff. The sounds are unobtrusive and the overall style is refreshing, enjoyable. While the arrangement isn't extreme, the sounds are a bit muddy at times (and at others, overly dry), and the ending is a bit of a letdown, I was really feeling this one as a creative re-interpretation as the original. Also, overall, the implementation of the different song elements was quite good.

No reason to not say YES

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It's got a kind of Ragnarok Online dungeon feel though maybe I'm just playing too much RO though. Anyway it's got a hot groove; percussion is pretty tight with cool change-ups every once in a while. Could have used less high-end though, but that's negligible.

Piano and guitar is sweet too; nice texture! This works.


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