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Chiptune(ish) music for a good cause!

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Hi guys, so I'm working on an album of Chiptune-like and Chiptune-inspired music, which I'll hopefully have a nice preview video ready for soon. The album will be titled Impostor Nostalgia.

More importantly, one of the tracks has kind of a sweet story about it. Titled "You Can Have Mine", the track is dedicated to my own sister who was blessed to be a compatible match for her husband's failing kidneys, and donated one of hers to him last week.

In an effort to raise money to help them cover the cost (they're poor college kids, and he's actually in med school, and thus bears thousands and thousands of dollars of debt to pay for it) I have placed the song on sale at Bandcamp.com and will donate all proceeds towards them covering the overhead cost of the surgery.

Please take a moment and click the following links and consider purchasing the track and/or sharing this with your friends. Much love and appreciation to you all. :]

Buy the song here - http://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com/track/you-can-have-mine

Listen/watch a cute video here -

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Thanks so much guys, I continue to be deeply touched by all your support! So far, 44 people have bought the track averaging over $6 per purchase, that's so heartwarming and inspiring to me, to those of you who have supported my cause, deepest thanks!

On a semi related note, I'll try to get the ball rolling on an official preview video for the rest of the album. I'm really excited about it, I've never really dabbled in the the chiptune sound style, so it's been a fun (and addictive!) experiment for me.

Thanks again for helping me spread the word. I'm trying to see if Kotaku or Dtoid etc might be willing to throw me a plug, so if anyone knows a solid way to get in touch with any of those guys, please let 'em know! (I wonder if that will flood Dale North's inbox...) lol :)

Oh, and my video just got it's first dislike... Heh, good ol Youtube ;)

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*Edit* another update, off to a nice start! So far 76 donations have rased $422, averaging around $5 per purchase, I'm really pleasantly surprised at the amount people are contributing, I'm deeply touched :)

I do hope my momentum keeps up though, medical bills are really steep, and I'm still trying to figure out a way to promote this cause on a larger scale, but so far all the networks I've tried (Kotaku, Destructoid, even BioWare community) haven't responded back, so if anyone has any ideas/contacts to help me continue to spread the word, please let me know, and much much appreciated!

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