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*NO* Final Fantasy 8 'Ultimate Fatali'


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Name: DJ Liquid Neon

Remix Of: Ultemecia & Liberali Fatali

Title: FF8 - Ultimate Fatali

Id like to submit this one to you, Its is a kind of 80s rock style track with a lot of original work. Original vocals from the actual song (Wecos Lusec Vitos Vinsec lyrics) and i think a nicley balanced tune.

Hope you all like it

P.S I have been releasing mixes for a long time now but i stopped submitting for a VERY long time. Would it be possible to batch submit my whole collection, most have been released in your forums but never on the site.

My mixes date back as far as FF9 Losing Me Is Not An Option right up to my very very latest one (released today) FF6 - 63 and Rising

There are a total of 63 mixes including a few that have been on your actual site (not forums)

you can access the lot here:

i would love for them to be hosted on your site as well, and i know this is probably not wat you would normally like but i am hoping you will make an exception.


Liquid Neon

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Let's see, the source tune is just Do-Re-Me-Fa repeated over and over again. There may be ways to turn that into an acceptable remix, but basically writing an original piece that uses a sample from the game isn't one of those ways.

Oh, and you included those singing hamsters. How nice.


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Yep. Don't submit in batches. Submit once every 3 weeks.

Submission Instructions & Standards]Who can submit and how often?

Please wait three weeks between ReMix submissions. We realize you may be a very productive, prolific ReMixer who creates dozens of great pieces a week - but, only submit your very best work.


http://www.tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/FF8_minipsf.rar - 212 "FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC"

Well, I heard FLWV in the track in the vox and well as the piano chords here. Those source tune names are all wrong, so I went with what I could recognize.

The opening percussion was really plain and the synth guitar work doesn't sound very beefy at all. The track picks up a bit with some added percussion work and then some cool female vox at :36. Some male vox leads arrived at :44 singing FLWV and the flow was decent, though it'd be cooler if you provided your own FLWV lyrics instead of sampling them directly. Nothing really spectacular though; pretty average production that really didn't carry much energy. You could really beef up the snapping percussion in particular and give the synth electric guitar a thicker sound, this could really be awesome.

Ok, that segue into the chimpmunk vox at 2:27 was really unexpected. Wow. Um...you might be the only guy alive that likes that. Well, I'm just exaggerating of course, but that killed the track right there. I don't eve mean in terms of the judging votes. I just mean that most people would say "Ok, what the hell was that?" The texture for that final section was very thin. Throughout the whole track, the sounds were very soft for a dance track and really didn't work that well to me.

I say keep the style of the first 2:25, but extend the track further with additional arrangement ideas and thicken up the sounds so the texture is a lot more impactful. I liked the arrangement a lot actually, and it sounded very viable to me, Neon. Interesting stuff that needs more meat on the bones and more time to develop in order to realize its potential.

NO (rework/resubmit)

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Starting things off is a very synthetic electric guitar/synth. It doesn't make a very good impression off the bat. Not the unrealistic value of it, but the tone. It's just very brittle, harsh and thin. Sounds like slayer?

The vocal sections in the first 3/4 of the mix are pretty cool. I think for this type of genre, it needs a bit more punch. If it were orchestral or some other genre, if it were pushed back in the mix, it would have worked better. But for this genre, I think it would have fit in the mix better if it were more upfront. At least perhaps consider EQing it a little bit in the 3k and 5K hz regions to give it some more presence. The other female/choir vocal parts are also pretty nice and work well as backing elements.

Drums are decent. More processing on them I believe is needed. A bit more eq and light compression to spice things up at least a little.

The final section with the chipmunk/pitch shifted vocals are at first wierd, but I think one can warms\ up to them. I can understand why others would feel it's cheesy or odd though. The main issue is I don't think there's much cohesion between this part and the former section.

Arrangement as a whole is better than average. More instrumental and compositional additions would benefit this mix some. I also agree with Israfel that more of the source material could be included.

Production on the whole, I thought was average. I did like some of the choir and vocal processing a lot, aside from the mixing decision (which admittedly is a personal taste issue). There are some good ideas here, but the execution just isn't up to that level.

I know you have some issues with some of your prior rejections (I managed to see your vent before you took it down), but I would suggest you take our comments in the spirit intended - to help you and your mix. This is a decent mix, with more work and consideration of at least some of the advice given, the mix would benefit. Don't give up, keep at it. This mix as it stands, is a NO though.


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Not much to add to the above comments, but I'd like to say that a track like "bowser is pissed" is a great example of a highly interpretive track that meets our guidelines. That track uses the original as a basis for the ReMix. This is an original that happens to use the sample from the game, and awkwardly uses the melody with a very cheesy sample. Then.... hamsters. I thought Israfel was being facetious....but come on.....



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