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OCR01342 - *YES* Final Fantasy 10-2 'Chauffage au Gaz'

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Yo, Mr. P and Judge Bunch.

Navid here, figuring that it's been a long time since I last submitted some stuff, so hopefully you've forgotten who I am by now. If not, then I apopologize.

Anyways, I got a brand new submission to send you, somewhat lukewarm from the grill. This is an improved version of the VGmix release, so if you heard it there, it's been improved. This is my quirky, abstract take on "Leblanc's Got It All" from the FFX-2 soundtrack, which Larry will probably kindly provide for your listening entertainment.

It is called "Chauffage Au Gaz". Desoli les amis, mais en raison de contrainte de temps, et par manque d'efforts de notre part, Leblanc, ne pourra se produire ce soir. Ne craignez rien cepandant, a la place, nous vous prisentons le Chauffage au Gaz!

It is somewhat short, but I didn't want to extend it and make it booooring.

Also, because I took some liberties with the original, here is a step by step breakdown of the track in order to help you guys with your judging.

0:00 - 0:21 - Intro/Build up - No mixing involved, save for chord "progression"

0:21 - 0:33 - Over the buildup, I mess around a bit with the prelude melody. This occurs again later in the song as well. I LIEK PRELUDE.

0:34 - 1:00 - Various synths play variations on Section A (0:00-0:19) of "Leblanc's Got It All". The remix works primarily with this section of the song.

1:01 - 1:31 - During the course of this time slot, the synths take on Section B (0:23-0:33) of "Leblanc's Got It All". The melody is skewed slightly, but still recognizable. During 4th measure blitz, we also have recurrance of the 4th measure of the previous section (the pitch bent synth)in order to SOUND COOL, as well as the PRELUDE again. WA~CKY!

1:32 - 1:43 - Refer to Section A again.

1:44 - 1:59 - Section A Dcon5tructed.

2:00 - 2:13 - KEEEY CHANGE. Back to Section B now, with the introduction of a couple of snippets of familiar melodies in the 4th measure crunch. (Larry I DID IT ALL 4 U baby - Call me!)

2:14 - 2:29 - Back down to the old key, and back to taking on Section B again. This time however, when the Snippet of Section A comes in at the end, IT DOESNT GO AWAY. Instead, it goes CRAY-UZY!

2:30 - 2:46 - Fray described it best when he said it is "...where the music sounds like a machine crapping out and finally giving off a little mechanical ding reminiscent of an elevator telling you that it's reached the desired floor." I couldn't say it better myself.

2:47 - 3:16 - Exunt, stage left. As we draw to a close, the mix takes us back to Section A, reminding us of the good...old...days?

3:17 - Jean Reno gives the mix a touching and heartfelt feeling of completion with his rousing and tearjerking speech.

In conclusion, this is a liberal remix, but it is a remix. It is not a midi rip, nor is it an original work claiming to be a remixie. I hope it meets the OCR standard of quality, and if it doesn't, I'll go into submission hibre...hibri....heirb...sleep until 2006, upon whenst I will release a new track for submission.

Oshit, I almost forgot the link.



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http://www.noderunner.net/~llin/psf/packs/FFX-2_psf2.rar - 112a "Leblanc's Got It All"

I will say this immediately: pay extra close attention to time references Navid made breaking down how he chose to rearrange this track. The first time I tried to simply listen to both and compare, I got no connection. But then, getting the detailed breakdown above, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this was reworked. The rearrangement was out there and sounded extra liberal as a whole but connected back easily to the source tune when I examined the various parts. Excellent work giving us an overview of how you handled things, Navid.

I played a slightly older version of the track on VGF50 and the production has been improved since then, along with some slight modification of the sounds.

Some may criticize the drumkit opening things up, but I thought it was impactful enough, though it had less of presence here than in the older version.

Production-wise, some might say this sounds too muffled. I would have liked more clarity in the sounds, but it wasn't a big detraction. While obviously maintaining things so the high-end wouldn't clip at certain times, boosting the high-end frequencies all-around would have sharpened the sound up without undermining the quasi-industrial/whatever-this-is feel. The instruments were seperated well enough and the overall texture was hot.

I really was impressed by the combination of sounds; haven't heard a track like this in all my time listening to community music. The more eclectic guys like The wingless & Israfel or the straight up weird fuckers like Goolancer & T.M. Revolutionary that use interesting sounds and textures have never presented anything that's sounded like this.

Quirky arrangement, solid results. Even had some cute Prelude (2:05) & Terra (2:11) references done 4 ME, OMG. The arrangement was well varied the whole way through. Some may say the whole thing was unwieldy and they couldn't be more wrong. Just another example of one of those tracks you just can't vote on after one or two listens. This better be the first FFX-2 arrangement we pass. Decidedly strange, but very creative arrangement and a reasonably put together piece. Definitely keeping this one.


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Extremely difficult source material and the arrangement decisions Mythril took on this is very abstract. It's pretty rare to mix something like this, and even harder to pull off something like this.

This is music that you need to listen multiple times to understand. I liked the creativity, and it's a neat arrangement.

Drum and percussion work is very unique and is pulled off well.

Production as a whole is above average. One gripe I have with some of Mythril's stuff is his overtendency to make things overly loud. I think some quieter/dynamic sections could have served this mix.

This won't appeal to everyone, but it's solid enough in various aspects to get a Yes from me. It's out there, it works, I like it.

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I'm a big fan of this one since I first heard it. It's REALLY similar to Shnabubula in style, but has plenty of unique elements to make it stand out from that artist, and pretty much from most mixes I've heard. The original is abstract, as Gray said, but it's recognizable, and VERY well-arranged here. Awesome work!!

The processing is not what one would expect, but it works given the style. It's quirky and edgy, while not overly so, and keeps a good dynamic level throughout. Execution is also creative and successful, with psychadelic synths, pitch bends, reverb, and percussion. It might not float everyone's boat, but it's really well-done, and you can hear how much effort was put into making evolving and mutating sounds that don't often repeat.

Again, I want to emphasize that this is a really creative and great mix. I really have no problems with it. Great job, MN.


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