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Jamestown - Indie Vertical Shmup


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Has anyone else played this yet? It's a retro, 4 player co-op vertical shooter about 17th century British colonial Mars, and its a blast to play. And its on sale for $5 bucks on Steam until tomorrow.


It's not crazy difficult like a lot of other games in the genre, a lot of people are calling it a stepping stone to more difficult games, but its a lot of fun. Plus its a shmup and there aren't a lot of them.

Please tell me I'm not the only one here. OF all the indie games that come and go, this one is really deserving of more people playing it.

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I'm surprised no-one posted about this earlier.

It's a great indie game with an incredible soundtrack. That alone is worth the purchase.

Oh, it's also a really neat shoot-em-up, arguably the best one on Steam, is a blast with friends, is very accommodating for those new to the genre, and can be extremely difficult for those who want to challenge themselves (Judgement mode anyone?).

Highly recommended.

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The soundtrack is indeed top-notch; really excellent orchestral stuff for a game whose premise is so ridiculously silly.

The illustration-quality cutscene vignettes really underplay just how goofy and bizarre the game is, and I bet the guys who worked on the game had a good laugh all the while.

Gameplay-wise, Jamestown is also a lot of fun to play. To qualify that statement- The four ships are varied and allow (and call for) different strategies to make it through the imaginative (and often chaotic) levels. I like the DonPachi-esque standard ship myself, with the bubble charge-shot in second place. I have yet to find a good practical use for the bomber ship, but I bet more advanced players have. The bosses are big and the levels never repeat, so everything in the game is a concentrated novel experience from start to finish.

Everything in the game looks great, and the pixel work really shows off its attention to detail, and the game is just lively and fun to look at.

As others have noted, the game, even on higher difficulty levels, is pretty easy. Even on Legendary difficulty, I could get through some of the levels without using up a credit, or sometimes, even a life. And I am most certain I suck at arcade shooters!

Still, it's a great labor of love and a great game, to boot. Definitely worth picking up if on sale.

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