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The Pokémon Whistling Song - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon


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Right, so this is the second time I've started this song, and just rounded it up. My labtop had a hardware crash recently, and so while its being sent in (with a memory wipe) I've decided to restart it on my old PC, which has a pretty shitty listening space (and the computers fan won't stfu).

This started with me learning equalization and applying it to a piano, and then I just kept adding things from there until I decided to make it a song. This is what came out of it.

The ending might seem kind of rushed, but the whole restarting thing kind of drained the fun, and I kinda want to do something else. But if anyone has suggestions, I'll be happy to apply them. I'm hopefully gonna send this off the judges soon, so yeah.

Sources: Guildmaster Wigglytuff - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVGadrjQ_7s

Team Base -

I also used a little jingle that I believe is from the opening title screen -

Mix: http://www.box.net/shared/ec2txuaiqxaqissnpbem


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I just wanna say I updated the link a bit, and did some equalization, but I've already submitted it actually (yeah, before I even got any critiques)

If it gets rejected, then I will work on it some more (at least once I have my labtop back again, with a reasonable listening space), but I'm gonna move onto other stuff for the most part. If anyone has any EQ suggestions though, I'll still apply them as an update before the judges get to it. Not a problem at all. But for the most part I'm done with it for now.

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Not to be a dick. But I really don't think this is anywhere near submission quality.

To be frank Its kinda annoying to me.

The arrange needs work.

The piano sounds great as a sample. But It doesn't feel like it works.

The whole thing is overmechanical.

Its not really... that spectacular.

It didn't go anywhere.


Somebody else look at this?

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Love the variety of instruments. Little things like the celeste at 1:03 and the harmonica at 1:41 really keep my ears aroused and I want to hear the rest. I am a fan of variety, and you delivered.

At 2:44, you've got the harmonica playing a succession of notes that's been played by the piano for the whole time (up until that point) and then that succession is finished by the piano. A very explicit switching up the functions of instruments- this is something that doesn't appear in songs enough on ocremix! We need more of this.

The ending is fine, don't worry about it.

Get an analog piano and record it, get a different sound sample, whatever you have to do, I just think something can be done to make the piano sound better.

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Omg i love this game with a passion (Just thought i'd tell you that haha) I really like what you've gone for here, a very unusual source choice as well hehe ^^. In theory this has a heap of potential, the only problem is that piano. I understand working with samples is difficult, i do the same. To make it sound less static you could change the velocity of the notes, it takes a while to get it sounding just right, but it makes such a difference, and can be totally convincing.

Listening to it, i just think the samples are unconvincing, that's not your fault though, i'd just think about using a different program... what program are you using?

But you shouldn't give up on this because Pokémon Mystery Dungeon needsmoar love, and this particular mix is very unique.

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Man, ok, so thanks for the comments guys.

I just want to get this out of the way.. I really didn't mean to sound like that much of a jackass with my posting even though it's already too late. I kind of get impatient sometimes I think, and by sending it I think I might have just wasted some peoples time. Man.

I really did feel finished with the song overall though, and I don't really regret where it's at. but I think I'm kind of starting to see what you guys are talking about... I obviously didn't think about these things.

Ahh.. I'm having trouble finding a good piano sound.. but I'll update you guys on this. thanks again guys. again sorry for sounding like a jackass. I realize that sending in a song with that kind of attitude might just put a burden on the judges. I'm a bit impatient at times with things like this I guess and usually end up regretting half the shit I do. Haha. I'll try hard to get this a good quality before it hits the judges panel. or maybe just retract it if that's even possible.

edit: by the way, algamest, I'm just using soundfonts as of right - for everything except the drums and pad played in the chorus. i'm using FL studio to put this all in.

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