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  1. Ahh i was addicted to this song for aaagess, just like i was the DS version of the game
  2. I first stumbled upon this whilst playing Feel The Beats, and i think it's actually boss, someone please do this
  3. Ahh thank you i shall study this intensively I will say though i have since reuploaded this to youtube with a little work having been done on the drums, i was hoping this thread would die so i could repost it. The term 'remaster' oesn't even stand anymore, that was just my intention when i posted a while ago
  4. Not to shoot you down in flames >< But i have a pretty good set of headphones and the levels were still an issue Don't get me wrong it's still an awesome track
  5. Haha this is really funky, i absolutely love the original so this doesn't quite compare in my opinion but it's really cool
  6. Ahh this is awesome I have no criticism (I'm not as picky as others though, watch out haha)
  7. Say, do we need to have ever successfully submitted a remix to participate in albums?
  8. Yes Haooy Birthday indeed
  9. I really like the feel of this track, i mean i REALLY like it, it's kinda neo-futuristic, but retro at the same time. I'm a really big Pokémon fan but this is not one of my favourite source tracks, however i do approve of this remix haha. I love the Lunar Knights-esque breakbeats at around 1:50. But the levels.. The levels need sorting, it felt like there was no lead, like it was building up to something that never happened. Nice track though
  10. This is pretty funky. The first half of the song felt kinda stale but it suddenly picks up with loads of cool synth effects which kept me interested till the end. Yeah it's a pretty good track!
  11. One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums
  12. I hear ya I've been working on it all day, i'll just keep at it, thanks for the feedback
  13. Well firstly, i'm afraid i'm not very knowledgeable on software, i've always stuck to the same program so i don't know much about others. The mix is very interesting, it has a lot of potential in the way it's arranged, the problem is the instruments (Some of them) sound a bit stale, particularly the brass. I tend to stay away from brass synths and samples because i just don't think they sound very good. I really like the Metroid source for this it was a great choice. The trouble is, i can't tell whether you're going for a deep brooding sort of thing with this, or whether it's sort of building up to be dramatic. So yeah the arrangement is very good, you might want to focus on velocity and slight pitch bend to make it sound more human though. I'd like to hear this again
  14. Maybe i'm just not very picky, but, i can't see anything wrong with this haha, this is what i would call, an ipod tune, the only other artists that have their own section on my ipod is Sixto Sounds and Fishy. Yeah i've fallen in love with this track, SO SUE ME!! !!
  15. Ahh cool thanks for this you're the second person to comment on the percussion, so there's definitely the area i need to focus on. Out of curiosity, did you listen to the original post in this? or the soundcloud one i posted last night?
  16. so i've been sat up all night working on this, i had a sudden rush of inspiration and this is what i got http://soundcloud.com/algamest/sky-peak-forest-remix-village
  17. Thank you very much for the feedback I understand if you're not a fan of the song in general, but i'm thrilled you got the celtic vibe, that's exactly what i was going for. I'll make sure to turn the drums up a bit I know it's all a bit conservative, i just wanted it to be a bit of fun ^^ Thank you for commenting even though you don't like the source
  18. I wasn't sure at first what the source was, but when i clicked the link and Donkey Kong Country 2 popped up, i actually smirked. Nostalgia trip and a half. So anyway, after a 30 second hit i listened to yours, and it's pretty amazing to be fair. I wouldn't have faulted it but then i read Gario's comment about the lead at 0:56, and now it's slightly bugging me That's just personal preference though it all sounds solid. I loved the rain by the way, i'm a sucker for weather effects in songs haha
  19. Yeah i saw this on Soundcloud actually! I'm actually not familar with the source track, although many moons ago i was a big Tenchu fan. This is so chill, i can imagine sitting in a Manhattan condo sipping martini to this. Really funky and mellow, i can't fault it. If i tried to fault it, i'd say that some of the piano sounds just a tiny bit drowned out at around 2:30 onwards, but it's still just fine. I really can't fault it haha
  20. First of all, this is beautiful, absolutely amazing. In fact, it's possibly one of the best Final Fantasy 7 remixes i've ever heard. It's just so pretty. You've absolutely nailed the violin, it just makes this piece. Contrary to popular belief i actually like the piano in this. The guitar, violin and piano just all work together really well. I was wondering though, how would this whole track sound without the support strings in the background? I'd really like to hear that, because they sound a little overbearing and i'm wondering how a minimalistic approach might sound.
  21. It's like Sum 41 meets Reel Big Fish... please don't kill me. Haha i actually really like this it's awesome :') Yeah except the brass samples but you already said you're gonna do it live so that doesn't even really need to be said. I guess you could say i'm ... GlaD
  22. Omg i love this game with a passion (Just thought i'd tell you that haha) I really like what you've gone for here, a very unusual source choice as well hehe ^^. In theory this has a heap of potential, the only problem is that piano. I understand working with samples is difficult, i do the same. To make it sound less static you could change the velocity of the notes, it takes a while to get it sounding just right, but it makes such a difference, and can be totally convincing. Listening to it, i just think the samples are unconvincing, that's not your fault though, i'd just think about using a different program... what program are you using? But you shouldn't give up on this because Pokémon Mystery Dungeon needsmoar love, and this particular mix is very unique.
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