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Killer Instinct - The Instinct


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Mod Review Version : http://www.darangen.com/music/39%20ReFinding%20Who%20We%20Are.mp3


Killer Instinct - Finding Who We Are

Killer Instinct - Finding Who We Are (Instrumental)(since I know some people aren't going to want vocals)

Original Source:

Recently submitted this to OCR, but it was declined by the judges.

Judges Decision

I'm currently working on a few other things, but plan on tweaking a few things for resubmission in the near future.

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I really really like this (only listened to the vocal version so far). I'm glad that you shared it. Its a shame that it won't be posted but at the same time, what matters is that you're happy with it and its as you want it.

Put it up on youtube, share it on your own channels =)

Oh and I thought I would mention, I played Killer Instinct when I was younger but don't remember any of the music. This track stands on its own two feet!

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Pretty awesome. As soon as the results showed over at DoD this went to my iPod. Really reminds me of Paradise Lost's "Erased."

I'd have to agree with the judges that the timing seems really off in places and kinda awkward. That being said, the remix is awesome and I will continue listening to it nonetheless.

Also, vocal remixes are awesome. There should be more.

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I remember this from the One vs Many DoD back in June; was a little stumped over why it was merely going to be an Alternative entry.

With no familiarity over the source material, and remembering the skills you had in previous years, the least I did was managed to check out what I could. I did notice on the first listen that the rhythm guitar playing felt really loose; no idea how it can be seen as an artistic choice as it felt more like a technical concern to me and makes it feel difficult to folow the rhythm. There have been artists that have similarly struggled past the panel for backing instrument timing, so don't feel too discouraged.

The writing here though is strong, and in regards to vocal performance it seems as if you have also shown some improvement there within the years you took a break from this community. So I can say that's a great thing to have prospered upon.

Also out of personal preference it kind of seems to end a bit quick for me and might've warranted another verse and a longer solo after it a la Deep Purple, but it might have depended on how people might've wanted to expect from the track. Don't take it personally ^^*

It's a shame that you don't really want to work on another revision because I liked the ideas the first time around, and I had a lot of confidence that you'd refine things for a resub. But I know that with great improvement to your vocal tone and your ideas still being in place, I can see you being re-posted here soon enough. Keep up the effort :)

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As to why this won't get resubbed: When I play the rhythm track with the click in the DAW it's right on. I think having two guitar parts going at the same time is what's making it sound off. The only option there would be muting one of the sets of tracks so they don't clash together. The other gripe they had was the bass notes in the beginning, which is meant as an effect as mechanical noise.

I originally had the verses spread out, but they were so short that I eventually decided to combine them into one verse. The chorus was also originally two separate sections that were combined for the same reason. It just seemed like it was long (about 7 minutes) for something with about only a few phrases of lyrics and started sounding repetitive. I'm all for longer songs, but length for length's sake is never really a good thing.

I appreciate the comments though :)

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  • 4 months later...

I think I'm actually going to resub this. I like the track, and Killer Instinct is a severely under covered source.

Only real things I'm going to be changing/fixing is the timing issues they heard and go easier on the production, since it's admittedly over compressed.

I'm working on a new track right now, but after that I plan on returning to this and cleaning it up for a resub.

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Thanks for linking the judges' decision, it makes it a little easier to eval. As for the PM: obviously yes, and thanks. :D

Cool track, but not tight enough imo. This applies to the lead guitar and the rhythm one. There's parts where everything lines up and sounds great, then there are times where the rhythm doesn't sound even, or the lead came in a little late then tried to compensate. I wouldn't be comfortable passing this track just yet.

Verse vocals are actually harder to hear than their delays, you gotta separate your vocals from the low guitar more. The vocals are cool, tho you occasionally seem a little flat. Could just be my ears distracted by the guitar tuning or something, the judges didn't seem to have a problem with that.

The weird stereo image you've got with the drums is... well weird, but it works. It does make the snare a bit weak at tunes.

The piano bass notes don't sound like they belong to the same piano, so it sounds more like a cool rhythm effect than low piano notes... and as such, I have no problem with them. As for piano reverb, it may still be dry, but I think it works.

The main problems is still in the guitar timing. Dunno how much work it really needs, if offsetting the chugs is enough to remedy half the problems or if you need to re-record a lot of the of parts.

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