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Jet Force Gemini - Water Ruins ReMix


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Very nice changes to this - it's very intricate and technical. Beautiful guitar, and that piano's not bad either. The strings at the end are a little quiet, maybe I could help you with that. I know you said it was "too epic", but cmon... I reckon it needs a nice, warm string backing for a little bit ;)

See what others think, eh?

Definitely evokes the JFG feel, and OCR desperately needs that game represented!

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Huge improvement here from what I remember hearing, though I still don't think it's quite ready to go back. The piano you've got in here is REALLY dry and blocky on the sequencing, and the sample itself is really detracting from the overall quality of the piece. The same thing can be said for the electronic kit at the end of the song, it just isn't jiving with me.

As for the arrangement overall, it feels like it's a little bit too short and has too many drastic changes in style, and therefore never really concludes or properly expands on any of the ideas that are presented. Part of this is the transition, which still doesn't feel like it's quite there yet... it's close, but I think the blocky sequencing/performance on the piano needs to be cleaned up a little bit. I'm also really disappointed that the really amazing guitar that's going on in the intro never makes a return, I felt like that was by far the strongest aspect of the track.

If you need a hand with the piano sample itself, just say the word. I can't work any sequencing miracles but if you get to the point where you're happy with that, I can certainly render parts for you. I do like a lot of the ideas you've presented here but the arrangement needs to be a bit more cohesive and flowing to take full advantage of those shifts in style. I'd also recommend revisiting some of the classical guitar ideas you introduced early on later in the song.

Great work though, this is an improvement but there's still a lot of work that can be done.

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Yeah, this is a bit too unfocused as it is. There's definitely improvement from your first take at it, but you need to work on beefing up the core ideas before moving on. It feels like each section of the mix is JUST getting started when it changes direction.

The first minute and the last minute should be worked together, the middle section might not be worth including in this particular song. Other things to work on are humanizing the piano (or changing it to a different instrument), throwing in some bass, and embellishing the chords in the progression so its easier to feel the flow of the song.

Interested in seeing this continue to evolve!

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