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R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie


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Wow, this has me kind of stunned. I knew he had a hand in UNIX but I didn't know he was involved in C, which I guess I should have known. Another brilliant mind has passed, but his legacy is beyond that merely of computing genius. His influence has created a whole new generation of brilliant tech people who will carry on that collaborative computing philosophy for ages to come.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


printf( "This is not the end, but just another beginning. \n" );


return 0;


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Actually, in QBasic and beyond, line numbers (or names; pretty sure named targets were introduced in QBasic) are only needed for destinations of goto instructions, so depending on the version, his code might be right :P

I thought I was doing it right... regardless, this guy enabled video games, so I respect him in life and in death.

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