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Golden Axe 'Wilderness' Orchestral


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Holy crap, there's a name I haven't seen for a long time! :D

I don't have a lot of critique to offer. Maybe a little more to the high end of the piano - it sounds a little cut-off at the moment. Also, once the mix gets loud, it sounds a little too right-heavy... threw me off just a tad.

Other than that... brilliant. Great source, great samples and the arrangement you've started is fantastic! :D

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Hey yeah wow welcome back.

Your intro is great, I love that build. I think in comparison to your other samples, your piano sounds kinda plinky and faker. Needs more humanization, more ringing notes, or even just a better sample, for that Zimmer feel.

When your brass drops... There's distortion w/ the drums and brass. Too much bass too I think... Everything just needs to be reeled in a tad. There's a lot of clipping.

Great dynamics though!

I think you just really gotta work on balancing all your elements together.

I'd also like to suggest some wind sections, clarinets, flutes (like that ethnic one you used in the beginning), things like that w/ some counterpoint or just utilizing them in ways to break up the whole notes everywhere... Which even gets tiresome for me in Zimmer music *_*. It can be countermelody, little nuances, anything to keep things interesting, or even just the whole running violins, like you had in the intro, over whole notes...

You have a huge canvas basically and it's time to get into the dirty details and get more complex.

Good luck!

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