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*NO* Sonic the Hedgehog 2 'Dem Disjointed Chemical Zone'

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please leave the link to the song if the song gets rejected

Contact Information

Your ReMixer name :: SonicThHedgog

Your real name :: Adeseye

Your email address :: sonicstr8speedin@gmail.com

Your userid :: 35014

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged :: Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Name of arrangement :: Dem Disjointed Chemical Zone

Name of individual song(s) arranged :: Chemical plant zone

Your own comments about the mix

Part of my "Sonic Generation" album. Due death threat and heavy demand, im submitting this mix!

Link to the original soundtrack ::

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Holy sheeeet so this is what it sounds like when SonicthHedgog finally finishes a remix :-D:tomatoface:

Seriously, this is really impressive. It's up there with PrototypeRaptor's take on the theme, in fact, although at this point some may find this style redundant, I still think this one's got plenty of neat tricks that help it stand on its own feet. The production is pretty good, all of your sounds are really phat and punchy, but not overcrowded or too compressed, and your synth choices sound great. Your drops/

A few issues: some really nasty distortion comes in at 3:12 to 3:26, I'd like to see that removed before posting. In addition, your bass modutlation mostly sounds good, but as soon as it starts wobbling, it's too jittery and not really synced up with anything, 2:40, 3:58, etc. are the worst offenders. Lastly, you need to trim all that silence off the end of your track.

This is really solid and one of the most enjoyable mixes I've heard in my time on the panel, but those 3 issues all need to be addressed. They should all be really quick fixes though, so I'm not gonna NO (resub) you here.

NO (resubmit with distortion, bass timing, and trimming fixes)

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RMS is pretty ridiculous, this is insanely loud. Things are still decently clear sounding, but ouuuuch this is painful.

The arrangement is solid overall, but the issues Emu brought up are pretty valid, and are holding this back. Synching the bass up shouldn't be too difficult, and bringing the levels down overall would help with the distortion.

This is pretty darn close, but needs additional polish to make it over the final hurdle. :-)

No, please resubmit

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I agree with the three issues being brought up by the other J's. you're definitely pushing the master too hard here. those timestamps Emu mentioned are definitely thorns in the side of a solid track. I'm not gonna comment on the 22 seconds of trailing silence >.>

fix that stuff and this is good to go for me. mighty impressive track you've got here. :)


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So little to add. This is a pretty in your face take on Chemical Plant Zone, and it really pushes the bass pretty hard. Personally I would have liked a little more variety in the soundscape to give my ears a bit of a break at times, but I don't think that's a dealbreaker. I will agree with the gentlemen above on all the points mentioned; pull back the master a bit, fix the bass, and cut out that silence!

NO (Resubmit)

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[X] Overcompressed - volume level OK but multiband is making some freqs (treble) harsh

[X] Mixing could use work (too many buzzy high freqs)

[X] Lead sync synth abrasive


[X] Abrupt/fadeout ending


[X] Creative arrangement ideas

[X] Good production quality

[X] Instrument choices

[X] Source tune choice(s)

[X] Wubwub

NO, RESUBMIT adjust buzzy high-range saw to be less buzzy, cut silence from end fadeout

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